Friday, January 1, 2010

Air Puppies, Big Adventure

So today, the puppies packed up and hit the road. Well, we only went about 10 miles, but it was a good first trip out. Everyone traveled very well and I was surprised that nobody protested or cried at all. Below are the results of the air-stacked puppies (some people are so talented to get puppies to hold still and act like they are standing on a table, and it's not me!), it doesn't tell much, but at least gives an idea that they are not just blobs of fur, they do have legs. Sorry for the small photos, I wasn't patient enough to upload so many photos in a bigger size. Feel free to click on a photo for a larger view.

So far, I'm very pleased with my first babies. . .

The boys, who will be 6 weeks old on Monday-

("Syd" CH Kingsbury's It's My Alias NAC TN-N x "Mick" CH Telltail Like A Rolling Stone)

Mr. Brindle

...sweet boy, I'm so glad he is still here to make me smile every day

Mr. Red. He was *not* going to stand up, and he's a bit too large for air-stacking. So, he looks like he's about to collapse into a down, but it's as good as we could get. As an aside, we passed a local restaurant today called The Big Biscuit, and I told Michelle I think that's what his name should be, because he's a big, fluffy biscuit!

...oh, that face, it gets me every time

And now, The Girls. They are 4 weeks old today.
("Breezy" Kingsbury's Cover Girl x "Smarty" CH Telltail T For Two)
Red Girl 1. She's not really moth-eaten, I promise!
... I couldn't resist this 2nd front photo, it doesn't show her front as well, but her face is so sweet.

Red Girl 2.
Brindle Girl 1.

Brindle Girl 2.

Hey, where did this character come from? Oh well, the white dog was being so cute, I couldn't resist. I think she decided that the puppies didn't need the blue ram, and she would gladly accept it as payment for allowing the puppies to invade her house! Sweet girl, but I'll pass on the coat maintenance!

Everyone is settled back in at home, their mothers have examined them from nose to tail, and all is well. I wonder what the babies will dream about tonight? Maybe Penelope, their new dog friend who stayed close to the pen all afternoon? Or all the love they got from new human friends today?


Michelle said...

Your puppies are very pretty and you should be very pleased with them. Mr.Big Biscuit is quite a character. I could have taken them both him and brindle boy home with me....don't think I could have hidden them away in my purse..:) Thanks for sharing some time with those wonderful puppies. I am sure I will need another puppy fix soon..:)

StubbyDog said...

They look great, Sarah! They're all cute and structure looks quite nice too...can't wait to see what they look like in a couple weeks.