Saturday, January 23, 2010

From the Puppy Party

How's this for an easy post? ;-)

Please visit Laura's Coopercreek Blog to see the first set of pix from the amazing Puppy Party she hosted for us today in Sullivan.

And now, with 500 miles logged, 13 hours from start to finish for myself, puppies, Nick, Syd, and Darby, we are all headed to bed for some zzzzzzzzs. Somehow, I have this fear that tiny little whining will begin sometime before 6am. They did sleep the 8 hours of driving, after all!

Thanks again to Laura for hosting everyone, and thanks to everyone who joined the fun, we really had a great time, and the puppies got lots and lots of good socialization today! Plus, they finally got to run and play on grass! It sure beats the mud around here...
I will try to post more about the party tomorrow. 'night.


dreameyce said...

If you mailed me Annie I wouldn't be upset. Just saying. They all look great. Man, wish I could have been there!

stjocorgi said...

Uh-Oh! Another Annie fan. Maybe we should start a fan club just for her.