Monday, January 25, 2010

Breezy and Her Girls

Breezy and her girls had a big romping play session last Thursday. I love when they cut loose and play with mom.
Beware of the camera strap that falls within the grasp of puppy teeth!
Breezy finally started to play with her puppies when they hit six weeks old. Prior to that, she wasnt' sure what to make of their play antics, and she'd often watch over them with a look of confusion. But now she's in the full swing of play, and really enjoys playtime.

Brindle Girl 1 has a thing for hiding under furniture. She loves to hide and then ambush an unsuspecting sibling (see the "No Caption" post).

"Come on, momma. Let's run!"

Playing with mom soon takes a toll on the girls!

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