Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kids and Puppies!

Today was a big day for the puppies. They took a longer car ride, and we started out the morning at Jacque's house. The puppies played with Jacque's puppies (3 days older than my boys), and we took some stacked photos (click here for the album of stacked photos).

Then we packed up and went over to Jen's house. Her three children, Erica, Andrew, and Ashley were waiting to socialize and play with puppies. The puppies did great, and I think they had fun playing with their new friends. They had no fear or hesitation around the kids at all, and they soaked up all the attention! Thanks Jen, for letting my puppies get their kid-fix! :-)

By mid-afternoon, the puppies were so tired, they could not keep their eyes open. The kids wanted to play with them so badly, and kept watching for any signs that a puppy was going to wake up. Finally, as a compromise, they were allowed to hold a sleeping puppy. The pups never woke up, and I think they enjoyed a nice warm lap to sleep in. For the full album of the puppy playtime with Erica, Andrew, and Ashley, visit the Hurrikane Puppy Albums and click slideshow on the right side.


Wanda ~ Bendi Cardigans said...

Puppies and Kids go together like cake and ice cream....Perfectly :0)

Great pictures Sarah!

dreameyce said...

OMG!!!! I wish we could have been there :( Damn MO for being so darn far from Oregon... but at least we don't have that nasty humidity ;)

Mail some puppy breath here!

Chris Beam said...

Precious! Is that Biscuit in the 2nd photo down from the top?

Sarah said...

It was great fun, and the pups were so tired! I'd pick them up and they would just flop over my hand without waking up!

Wanda, when I left Jen's house, I could hear the girls calling "Come back to me!" really dramatically, because they desperately wanted the puppies to stay with them. ha. It was so funny, I had to wish Jen luck for the rest of the day since the weather is too cold for the kids to leave the house!
She reported late last night that the kids could talk of nothing but the puppies. :-)

Chris, any photo of a puppy with a little boy is Biscuit! :-) If you go to the puppy albums, you'll see there are no fewer than 800 photos of Andrew and Biscuit. That's the only puppy Andrew had any interest in. It was so sweet, Biscuit fell asleep, and Andrew sat next to him and then lay down next to him, one hand on the puppy the whole time.