Saturday, January 16, 2010


Everypuppy went out in the snow today. I had to chop through several inches of ice on the patio today so that I could set up an outside pen. The boys were happy, and seemed to remember the cold white stuff. The girls were quiet at first, just standing still. But once they discovered how much fun it could be, they were having a great time.

"After we plays in the snow,

We has.

To take.

A nap.


The full album of snow and play pictures are uploaded to the Hurrikane Puppy Albums under Snow Play 1-16-10.


Sherilyn said...

Too much cuteness! :)

Angela said...

I think you are having way too much fun with those pups! hehehe Isn't it funny how they gotta have their naps! Our snow finally melted. We had rain and lots of it today.


Red Dog Mom said...

Must you keep taunting me with pictures of that red girl???

Sarah said...

Yes, Sherilyn, every day I think it's just more cute than I can stand. And then I start to pick up poop and the cute-meter comes back to a reasonable level.

Angela, they are tons of fun, and tons of work. Just the hours of chopping ice yesterday, and I continued today, so the little darlings could have an ice-free area to play outside.

And Dina, don't you know that every morning when I wake up, the first thing I think about is exactly what I'm going to do to taunt Dina with the red puppy. ;-)

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Oh the teddy bear faces are just so cute. Big hugs to them all!

colorandtexture said...

Oh, Sarah, I never get tired of coming to your blog and drooling, I mean gazing at all the puppy sweetness. I know it's tons of work, but I also know what a hard worker and loving caregiver you are. They are just sweet beyond words.