Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mr. Miracle

I call him Mr. Brindle, but yesterday, Dr. W took one look at him and called him a miracle. :-) When we went into the exam room, and I opened the little puppy crate, Mr. Red was crowding the door, so he came out first. Dr. Wingert checked him over, and then peeked in and had to ask if this was our sick boy. I confirmed that this big puppy was indeed the sick boy. He didn't recognize Mr. Brindle, just 6 days after our last visit, because he's grown so much. Dr. Wingert reached down to pick up Mr. Brindle, and in the split second after he asked how the little man was doing, Mr. Brindle let loose with his signature howling. Dr. Wingert just smiled and said, "He loves me." I'm sure Mr. Brindle remembers all the needles and prodding, so I don't blame him.

Dr. Wingert said that Mr. Brindle really is a miracle puppy. He asked me if the puppy seems active and engaged like the other puppies. I think so!

Dr. Wingert asked if Mr. Brindle plays with the other puppies and seems energetic? Yes, I'm pretty sure you can say that. It's been almost four weeks since Mr. Brindle first showed signs of being sick. Some days it feels like it's been four months, and other times it feels like it was just yesterday. But in the end, at six weeks old, we'll have a little cheer that Mr. Brindle, aka Mr. Miracle, has crossed yet another milestone that Dr. Becker set for us a couple weeks ago.

I know there were good thoughts and prayers being sent from around the world, and Mr. Brindle accumulated quite a fan club. He'd like to thank each and every one of you for all the support. Unfortunately, he's more likely to eat a thank you note than write one, so he'll have to say Thank You on the blog!


stjocorgi said...

Yep - a miracle boy for sure. Look at all the wisdom in that face! I think he takes life pretty seriously...for a puppy that is.

Michelle said...

He is definitely your little come back kid! I am so happy that the vets think he is doing well...keep going little brindle boy...:)

coopercreek said...

He's a special little guy. So glad he's getting better and better.

colorandtexture said...

Woo! Hoo!! I'm SO glad that he's doing so well!!

Sherilyn said...

YEAH!!! So good to hear the A++ on the bill of health! Way to go, Mr. Brindle! :)