Monday, January 25, 2010


The wild dogs of Hurrikane Hill. This was about 10 seconds after I opened the pen for the first time. Wahooo. Puppy or bunny? You make the call.
I knew it would take 2.2 seconds for someone to find the one muddy hole...
Biscuit is running. Nothing can stop him, cuz baby he's born to run.
Or maybe not, momma I'm comin' home.

SO so many more fun photos in the sunshine, but you'll have to go to the Hurrikane Album to see the rest! Here you go: Hurrikane Sunshine Photos!

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stjocorgi said...

Just looked at all of the Sunshine pics in your album. Incredible puppy shots. Loved the one of UncleNick1...nose to nose with the puppy. That must be submitted to a contest or something. Great job on the pics and the happy and healthy.