Saturday, January 30, 2010

Puppies at 8 and 10 weeks

This reminds me of some kind of pyramid, maybe Biscuit and his cousin cheerleading squad. :-)
And, new stacked photos of the puppies available Here, on our Facebook Album!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Please, mom? Please? We wanna play teeter pups.

Lots more of the teeter pix in the Sunshine album

Monday, January 25, 2010


The wild dogs of Hurrikane Hill. This was about 10 seconds after I opened the pen for the first time. Wahooo. Puppy or bunny? You make the call.
I knew it would take 2.2 seconds for someone to find the one muddy hole...
Biscuit is running. Nothing can stop him, cuz baby he's born to run.
Or maybe not, momma I'm comin' home.

SO so many more fun photos in the sunshine, but you'll have to go to the Hurrikane Album to see the rest! Here you go: Hurrikane Sunshine Photos!

Breezy and Her Girls

Breezy and her girls had a big romping play session last Thursday. I love when they cut loose and play with mom.
Beware of the camera strap that falls within the grasp of puppy teeth!
Breezy finally started to play with her puppies when they hit six weeks old. Prior to that, she wasnt' sure what to make of their play antics, and she'd often watch over them with a look of confusion. But now she's in the full swing of play, and really enjoys playtime.

Brindle Girl 1 has a thing for hiding under furniture. She loves to hide and then ambush an unsuspecting sibling (see the "No Caption" post).

"Come on, momma. Let's run!"

Playing with mom soon takes a toll on the girls!

The Bed Is Shrinking...

Of course, the most popular place in the puppy pen is the bed that Aunt Laura brought over when Breezy had her babies. All the puppies fit in the bed together at first. I think it must be shrinking because the puppies don't all fit anymore.
Yesterday afternoon, Biscuit, Red Girl 1, and Brindle Girl 2 were snuggled together in The Bed. Everything was great, the puppies were comfy and snoozing.
And along came Annie. "Hi guys! Can I join you?" She didn't really wait for an invitation. .
"Don't worry, I won't take up too much space."
Uh-oh. This isn't looking good.



He's slipping.... .

Dog Overboard! Dog Overboard! Hang on Biscuit!

Annie's taking over!

Poor Biscuit, the girls have successfully executed a hostile takeover.
"A little help, please?"
Poor Biscuit, he's got it really ruff!

Several posts, coming your way

I'm so far behind in sorting photos. I guess that's the trouble with my plan to take a minimum of 487 photos of the puppies (each cuter than the last) every day.

I have some really cute photos of the girl-pups and Bree playing on Thursday night, then the Puppy Party, and finally some photos in the SUNSHINE. Puppies running wild in their very own puppy yard. It really gives new meaning to the phrase, "Running amok." Just wait.

And I hope to get these posted before I get even farther behind. But to hold you over until I can sort, categorize, and resize some of the 18,732 photos in the file, here's a sweet hello, compliments of Brindle Girl 2.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Caption

I'm not even sure where to start with captions for these...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

From the Puppy Party

How's this for an easy post? ;-)

Please visit Laura's Coopercreek Blog to see the first set of pix from the amazing Puppy Party she hosted for us today in Sullivan.

And now, with 500 miles logged, 13 hours from start to finish for myself, puppies, Nick, Syd, and Darby, we are all headed to bed for some zzzzzzzzs. Somehow, I have this fear that tiny little whining will begin sometime before 6am. They did sleep the 8 hours of driving, after all!

Thanks again to Laura for hosting everyone, and thanks to everyone who joined the fun, we really had a great time, and the puppies got lots and lots of good socialization today! Plus, they finally got to run and play on grass! It sure beats the mud around here...
I will try to post more about the party tomorrow. 'night.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Puppy Party- Tomorrow! 11:30 am

Just a short note that we moved the start time for the puppy party at Laura's house in Sullivan.

We are now starting at 11:30 am, because I'd like to be able to get back to Kansas City earlier in the evening with possible weather coming in!

The puppies have no idea that we are going on a trip tomorrow, but the van is nearly packed (and contains brownie bites and red velvet cake and crackers and other goodies!) and we'll be leaving our house tomorrow morning at dark-thirty.

Hope to see several of you there, email me if you need directions or other information. :-)

More Hooligans

But first, some non-hooligan sweetness to soothe the soul, compliments of Breezy and her girls.
The full album full of hooligan puppy antics is posted to our Hurrikane Puppy Albums and is filled with the antics of the boys and Annie leaping, playing with toys bigger than they are, and just generally having a great time together.

Family Game Night. Syd and her two boys love to play family tug..
This innocent face could not be up to any trouble. No way. No how. .
Again, I repeat, no trouble here. Just 100% cuteness.
Somebody else must be the troublemaker, cuz it couldn't come from this face. .
Oh, well, hmm. I guess I spoke too soon...

The Devil made me do it?.
Look mom, I am a good boy.

Does it matter if I'm good? I'm so cute, nobody cares if I'm in trouble.
**editor's note: anything you see that might look like Biscuit has 2 inch toenails, don't worry, that's just an overflow of foot fur, not talons!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Multi-tasking Momma

I'm sorry, but there should be some type of award, certificate, title for this kind of talent. Syd is participating in Extreme Multi-tasking. She's nursing one puppy and wrestling with the other while contorted into a canine pretzel in her favorite dog bed.
No puppies were harmed in the making of these photos.

In fact, Syd's lower half never even moved, so Mr. Brindle was completely oblivious to the Corgi Wresting Federation match taking place. Take a look at her back leg that's propped up on the side of the dog bed. No matter what her front half is doing, the back half never changes position!

She's one happy (albeit totally destructive) momma dog, enjoying the pure fun of puppyhood once again!

And after one final face grab by the fuzzy pup,

Tah-dah! Game over, everyone's happy.