Saturday, July 31, 2010

Biscuit and the Hoofie Video

It finally uploaded! Here's the video of Biskie and his hoofie. He's never gotten a hoof before, but Cheryl brought us some from Florida in June, and I finally remembered to try one out with the dogs. I think it's safe to say that Biscuit enjoyed playing with his hoofie!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Biscuit's Great Escape

I was in Houston this weekend, and the dogs who didn't go to Houston went to Camp Kingsbury for the 5 days I was out of town. This was Biscuit's first visit to Camp, and he found his time there very exciting. My dogs love going to Camp, because Jacque and Don's dog yard is bigger than our yard at home, and there are lots of fun things to explore out in "the country."

By Friday, I got a text from Jacque, saying that I would be receiving an email from Biscuit, a "confessional" of sorts. uh-oh. ...

So here's Biscuit's confession:

Dear Momma,

This morning I escaped from the prison these people call a kennel. I hefted my weight on the wall of chain and pushed my way into Momma Syd's run, and out into the yard with the "lifers" (sk-my other dogs who can be trusted to be left out in the yard). I could hear lots of fun and frolicking across the way, so I busted out of the prison yard and made my way over to the house. I met my cousins Lilly and Henry. I wanted them to break out, too. I told them that I knew where Auntie Michelle's car keys were, and that we could go for a joy ride. I was pretty sure that Henry could buy us some beer cuz he looks a lot older than us.

We were planning our fun when Uncle Don came out and caught us. I told him I was "doin nuthin" and wagged my tail and tried to look real cute. He picked me up and I licked him. I was wet and muddy, but it was fun. Now I am in solitary and can't break out. But I am still real happy and waggin my tail.


Oh Biscuit, what a character! I should have checked when I put the dogs in the kennel, I should have chosen a better room for Biscuit, because I knew there was one run made for good dogs who would never, ever slip under the fence!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Biscuit Hanging Out

Poor Biscuit, a fluffy is just trying to relax and chew on a nylabone. Giz and Momma Syd just had to tell me all about it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Biscuit and Syd Reunion

Biscuit would like to thank everyone for their efforts in the FREE The Biscuit campaign. It seemed to work, and his is now enjoying some freedom to run and play like a real dog.

He and momma Syd were reunited for a big wrestling match after their separation. These two totally deserve each other, they play so rough. Most of the other dogs decline any offers to wrestle with Syd and/or Biscuit.


Avery enjoying her freedom with a nice lounge in the favorite (and quite well worn) oval dog bed, just hanging out with her nylabone. This photo was finally captured after she did a solo frap session around the house, under all the furniture, zooming everywhere.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Go Franny! Franny Rallies...

We are so proud of Courtney and Franny (Breezy's baby Annie). Today, at the tender age of 7 months, Franny and Courtney had their first Rally trial. Baby Franny came out with a Q, and a green ribbon.

Obviously, Franny was not worried too much, she's flipped over grabbing a tug toy. :-)
Congratulations Courtney and Franny! They have worked hard and Courtney has done a great job training Franny in just a few short months!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FREE The Biscuit! FREE The Biscuit!

For those not on Facebook, you might have missed the horrifying news and the saga over the last 10 days or so about Avery and Biscuit. We had the dreaded parvovirus rear its ugly head. Avery became ill last Monday, and Biscuit was sick by Thursday. It's been an exhausting time, with twice daily visits to the vet clinic to see the pups and get an update on their condition, cleaning the house, bathing the other dogs, and worrying about the health of the other dogs.

I always worry about parvo in young puppies, and I'm probably overly paranoid about it. But Avery and Biscuit are fully vaccinated, they've both been out and about in the world, and we've all been homebodies for the couple of weeks before Avery became ill. It's likely that a day trip to the vet for a shoulder injury was the potential exposure for Avery, and then Biscuit was exposed to Avery. It never occurred to me that my older puppies would be at-risk and contract parvo. But now I know, it can and does happen, and I've heard from many people who have been through the same thing with their older puppies.

So to lighten things up, once Biscuit came home (Monday, a much thinner version of his former self), he began a Free The Biscuit campaign, because he believes he's being unfairly incarcerated. With the other dogs and Olive and Brecon (formerly Mr. Brindle) visiting, I want to minimize the exposure Avery and Biscuit have with the other dogs.

Biscuit's grassroots effort really took off and has support from around the world, mostly because of a slight misunderstanding by other dogs. See, other dogs, like Spencer and Scout, thought the campaign was a FREE BISCUIT campaign. haaa.

So to prevent further confusion, Biscuit has hired Avery as his new campaign manager.

Avery showing an evil grin upon hearing the news of her powerful position of Campaign Manager.
Avery decides that her voice has not been heard, so she decides to start shouting the Free The Biscuit campaign slogan.
Just a few more days and we can consider the cycle broken as long as nobody else gets sick. I'm hopeful, and the other dogs are all doing well so far. All paws crossed that this is all behind us now.

Free The Biscuit! Free The Biscuit! Free The Biscuit!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Wuv Awwiv

Wuv you, Awwiv girl.
(who can guess what the interference is in this photo?)