Monday, January 25, 2010

Several posts, coming your way

I'm so far behind in sorting photos. I guess that's the trouble with my plan to take a minimum of 487 photos of the puppies (each cuter than the last) every day.

I have some really cute photos of the girl-pups and Bree playing on Thursday night, then the Puppy Party, and finally some photos in the SUNSHINE. Puppies running wild in their very own puppy yard. It really gives new meaning to the phrase, "Running amok." Just wait.

And I hope to get these posted before I get even farther behind. But to hold you over until I can sort, categorize, and resize some of the 18,732 photos in the file, here's a sweet hello, compliments of Brindle Girl 2.


dreameyce said...

I love that face! *sigh* They're so beautiful!

Angela said...

Oh I just want to squeeze it and hold it and give it hugs and kisses!