Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baaa, Babies

The puppies went to a beginning herding clinic on Saturday. I was really taking Syd, but the babies tagged along so we could test them. The day was full of more silliness than herding (except in the case of Syd), and the puppies had a great time. It's that time of year.

Michelle's feet. Michelle was tasked with holding puppies while I took them one at a time for their turn in the pen. She also had her boy Ozzy (left), so it was a real adventure in puppyholding!

Olive. She enjoyed herself immensely. But then, she has fun no matter what she's doing.

Olive and Avery in a play pounce standoff.

I was holding this post to upload the cutest video of Biscuit in the round pen with 3 sheep. However, I could not get it to upload, so I'll try again another day...

And now, what you've all been waiting for. The Biscuit. First, I have to forewarn that you really only need to watch the first 11 seconds, that's where Biscuit shows his pure herding genius that will amaze and astound everyone! After that first 11 seconds, well, he couldn't stick around, he had important business at the gate to attend to. Really, what can you expect when those alien creatures turn and LOOK at you? But the bonus was some stinky stuff to roll in. . .

Monday, March 29, 2010

And Then There Were Three...

And I decided to walk them all at once tonight! :-) I got home a bit later than I wanted to, and we had class tonight, so I opted to try to get in a walk before class. That required all three at once. For the most part, the pups did good, and we almost always all walked in the same direction!
Walk to the left.
Walk to the right.

Was that a squirrel?

Run puppies, run! But wait for me!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Farewell, Phoebe. Or "Hello, Kitty"

Phoebe with her new mom, Wendy.
Goodbye, sweet Phoebe. Oh how I will miss you. That face, that smile, and the silly, silly games. I said it early on, and it's still true. Phoebe has a real love for life, and she makes the best of it every day. Phoebe will now be "Kitty" and she left for Alabama yesterday. The puppy that Norma thought was the pick puppy will never see the show ring, but she'll never know it, or feel badly about it. And that's because she's got a mom and dad, and Cardigan brother Bogie who will love her and show her a great life. I am so happy for her, even if I will miss that funny awwooo-wooo as she runs and flings her toys around the living room.

Wendy drove up from Alabama Friday night, and we met early Saturday morning. When I found out we could go to the herding clinic Saturday instead of Sunday, Wendy asked if she could join us. So I had another few hours to enjoy Phoebe, and she got to see some sheep (she was not impressed).

So long, Phoebalicious. Just remember, you are NOT a cat! :-)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet Home, Alabama

If I don't pack up and run away with the puppies in the next day and a half, Phoebe will be moving south.

Wendy and Mike are going to be welcoming Phoebe into their home in Alabama. Wendy is going to hit the road and drive to Missouri tomorrow, and she and Phoebe will road-trip it back to Alabama.

Sweet, sweet girl, we will definitely miss that face around here. Wendy promises to send lots of pix and updates, as I told her that lack of photos would be a real deal-breaker.
This will be Phoebe's new brother. His name is Bogie. Wendy, Mike, and Bogie have been missing their Cardi girl Liddy, who has gone to The Bridge. Bogie is nine years old, and he has a Hollywood connection. His litter brother is somewhat of a celebrity, if you all remember the Dharma and Greg Cardigan who played "Stinky?"

Oh, handsome Bogie, do you have *any* idea how your world is about to change???

Girl Talk

"Talk, talk, talk. Those girls talk all the time, but they never say anything important."
(taken while test driving the little Canon Elph)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Puppy Pandemonium!

We have a fun evening routine these days. Every evening, I take each puppy on their own walk. Sometimes by themselves, sometimes one of the big dogs joins us. Then I swap out puppies, and the "walked puppy" spends time with Darby, the designated puppy sitter, while I walk the next puppy. We rotate through so that each puppy has individual time away from the other puppies.

Then, when everyone is fed, walked, played with, and pottied, all heck breaks loose. I let the puppies run wild in the living room, and they just go crazy. It's the best part of my day by far, and I just sit on the floor and play with them, and egg them on, and keep watch over the sofa for any wayward puppy that gets past Darby (playing Storm The Castle), so that no puppy (cough, Olive, Avery, Phoebe) launches off the couch!
Phoebe, announcing herself, and getting the party started with her sweet "awoo-woo!"


The Biscuit Man. What a goober. You can't really tell, but he's sitting literally up against me, just where Biscuit loves to be. I'm thinking he would really be all about getting carried around in a baby bjorn made for cardigans! ;-P


Avery, providing a great dental check opportunity. She thinks she's really tough. .

Or Not!

Olive. Cardigan, or Easter Bunny?
Biskie got the ball! .
Woops! We need a refill, aisle 2!.
Olive waiting Avery out..
Um, yeah, your guess is as good as mine.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Time Is Near

And oh, how I will miss looking at this sweet, smiling face...
I am trying to convince myself to think that my loss is another family's VERY special gain.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What's the Matter, Biscie-boo?

"Why do all the other puppies have new families waiting for them, but not me?" -You are extra special

"Nobody loves Biscuit"-Everyone loves Biscuit .

"I'm so depressed." - You are so dramatic. .

"What? What did you say? What do you mean you have said no to people? Yes, I know I'm special, but you told me that maybe the perfect family could be out there, just waiting for me. And that I can live here forever if we don't find them. I just want to be a special boy, for you or for a new family." - I told you, only the perfect family can take home The Biscuit Man.

After all, I put a lot of work into growing up with a well-rounded education, so I have a lot to offer...

I can't quite jump up on the sofa yet, but I'm working on it..

I taught this boy how to hold me up so I could see everything going on.


Then I showed him what a super snuggler I am.

I'm really great at snow removal.

And I love to pre-warm the bed.

I'm still working on this one, but I'm sure I'm close... If I think really hard, I'm sure I can make that ball move with my mind!

I'm an expert at looking cute, and have been from a very early age.

And I'm The Best at being sweet.

I do a great sleeping bunny impression.


And nobody can resist the power of this smile.

I can make funny faces.

"Maybe somewhere, a family is just waiting for The Biscuit Man. And maybe I'll be a special boy right here at home, playing with my mom and my friends. I guess I'll just have to sleep on it. Because I'm a good sleeper. No, I'm a great sleeper!"- Don't worry yourself over it buddy. Oh, I can see you aren't too worried. But can you stop snoring?


I think Biscuit might have a future in show business, he's quite the little drama queen!

Brecon's First Day Pupdate

Dear Sarah and the Brecon Posse,

First of all, don't expect daily updates, especially once spring break ends!

Brecon, aka Mr. Brindle, seems to be doing fine. He's found lots of fun leaves to chomp on and has had a couple of good fraps around the yard and house. He is properly defferential so far to the cats. He has also found things he doesn't need, like a wine bottle cork I had given to the cats some time ago and forgot about. He's been out around two different blocks for walks, one yesterday and one today.

I have been putting his daily ration of puppy food into Kongs so he has a challenge and something appropriate to chew. So attached are a couple of pictures of Brecon, the mighty Kong hunter!

I'm sorry. This update was interrupted by a housebreaking interlude.....

As I leave you, Brecon is having a wrestling match with his flowered bed. So far the bed is winning.

Your humble and obedient servant,

editor's note: Later this evening, I heard that Brecon has won over everyone at his new vet clinic, he's signed up for a "puppy's only" Monday daycare, Elaine has gone to meet a trainer about puppy class, and he's already enrolled in a basic obedience class for later this spring. whew! You go, Elaine, and good boy, Brecon!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

And Then There Were Four, or Brecon's New Home

Baby Brecon, aka Mr. Brindle, moved to his new home today. He spent a weekend with Elaine last month, and now he's packed his bags, and he lives in Liberty. Brecon made himself right at home, and I think he's going to have fun.

He's already trained Elaine to give him lots of tummy rubs. And he's quite happily taken over the dog bed, secure enough not to care that it has pink flowers on it. :-).


"Excuse me, can I help you? I was napping here."



Bye, special, special boy. We will sure miss you at home, and but I know we'll see you soon!

When I look at this photo, Brecon looks like a miniature version of Syd. I'm happy that Brecon is going to have so much interaction with people, and Elaine is getting him into a puppy class for dog socialization too. The bonus is that I might get to babysit him this summer, and Elaine will allow me to show him if he grows up and wants to be a show dog. But first and foremost, he's going to be one spoiled boy. Elaine promises to send me pix and updates, and I promise to share them!