Friday, January 22, 2010

More Hooligans

But first, some non-hooligan sweetness to soothe the soul, compliments of Breezy and her girls.
The full album full of hooligan puppy antics is posted to our Hurrikane Puppy Albums and is filled with the antics of the boys and Annie leaping, playing with toys bigger than they are, and just generally having a great time together.

Family Game Night. Syd and her two boys love to play family tug..
This innocent face could not be up to any trouble. No way. No how. .
Again, I repeat, no trouble here. Just 100% cuteness.
Somebody else must be the troublemaker, cuz it couldn't come from this face. .
Oh, well, hmm. I guess I spoke too soon...

The Devil made me do it?.
Look mom, I am a good boy.

Does it matter if I'm good? I'm so cute, nobody cares if I'm in trouble.
**editor's note: anything you see that might look like Biscuit has 2 inch toenails, don't worry, that's just an overflow of foot fur, not talons!


Janet said...

Look at those over-achieving girls and their ears!!

colorandtexture said...

Hooligans or not, they're darn cute!!

Sarah said...

yep, the ears are weird. They either tip up into full upright position, or they lay flat. There was no "flying nun" about it with Annie. If she tips her head down, they flop down again. But then she only has to tip her head up, and Up Ears, and they stay up again until she sniffs the ground. The other girls are almost like down-eared dogs, they have a way that they crease across, and I can see they are getting some lift, but not up. And when they lay on their sides, or tip their heads, the ears will look up, but fall back down. I would L.O.V.E. to not have to tape 6 sets of ears. I think wrangling Biscuit for his giant ears for taping will be enough work to count for all 6 of them!