Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Normal Girl

I have to laugh thinking that any of my girls are "normal," but yesterday we got Breezy's OFA results back. Normally I would scan the pretty colored papers and post, but somewhere between the agility spare bathroom (that served as my office during the Vallhund agility specialty) and the host hotel in Topeka, Kansas, I lost half of the cord to my scanner/printer/copier. sigh.

But Breezy's elbows came back NORMAL, and that was a huge relief to me. When she was about 7 months old, Breezy was still in her daredevil phase, and leaping from the back of the sofa. The result was a growth plate injury, and a broken widdle weg. Lots and lots of crate rest and leash restrictions for Daredevil Puppy was quite a challenge over several weeks, but she healed well and it was a matter of hoping for the best that by relieving the pressure for the bone that was not finished growing, we would prevent any later elbow displaysia. Just a couple of weeks ago we took the films, and I was amazed to see that the two front legs looked identical, and you could not even tell that anything had happened to that front leg. Breezy's hips came back FAIR, not surprising since I waited until only weeks before she's due to come in season. So far, the other two littermates submitted both came back GOOD, so I'm pleased with all normal results.