Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Say Cheese!

So, this is the photo of my project team that was taken today at the office. The person coordinating the photo was wondering where everyone was. I told her they were all in the lobby passing around my puppies! She said to bring them, it would make the photo really cute!

Please notice who is front and center in this photo, focused like a pro on the camera, fuzzy little ears perked as much as they can be! Gee, he's not a ham or anything, is he?

We could play "Where's Waldo?" to find Mr. Brindle and Annie. But since I'm the only one who can tell you where Annie is (she's totally hidden but is held by the lady in the black/white shirt and standing next to me), but you do have to look to see if you can find Mr. Brindle!

I think it's safe to say the pups got a megadose of socialization yesterday morning. :-)


Wanda ~ Bendi Cardigans said...

What great social time for the puppies. I am sure they loved it as much as all you co workers loved them. I bet Mr. Brindle is 2rows directly behind Mr. Ham. lol Am I right?

Janet said...

Brindle boy is looking at Annie, saying "what the heck???"