Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sunday I took Syd for a herding lesson (well, she took ME for a lesson!) and I took Biscuit and Avery along to see if either one of them had any interest. When they were about 4-5 months old, I took the puppies to a herding clinic, and Biscuit tried to climb over and under the fence to get OUT of the pen. No thank you! No sheep for Biscuit!
So Sunday, I was speechless when Biscuit went in the pen, went right up and told those sheep to get out of that corner and move it!

At the end of the afternoon, it all boiled down to

Two year old running shoes (clearance on Amazon.com): $59.00
Cheap "who cares if they get muddy" jeans: $30.00
One sweet, tired, happy, content, never-opened-his-eyes-the-entire-100 miles home, Biscuit:

Now I just hope the weather will stay acceptable so Biscuit and Syd can keep going to lessons on the weekends. The Biscuit definitely approves of the sheep now!