Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shiny Floors and Fronts

Did you know that shiny, slippery floors and eager puppies make it easy to take photos of fronts on the move? :-)

I was sitting on the kitchen floor to play with puppies last night. When the boys came running over for attention and playtime, a new game emerged. The puppies loved to run at me, and then I scritched them, and slid them on the floor, backwards about a foot. They absolutely loved that game, so I slid them further. Of course, they got up and came running back for more. That's when I decided to try putting the camera on the floor to catch some natural photos of their fronts on the move.

Thank you, Syd, and thank you Mick (and all the years of good breeding behind them, thank you Jacque and Paula!), I could not be happier with these puppies from the front.

Mr. Red

Mr. Brindle.

So, photos from the side? Well, that's not going so well, considering that most of the time, the puppies are hopping around like rabbits (no, he's not going to the bathroom, he's getting ready to leap!!)......or they take two steps and then pounce around to bite at their tails! A work in progress, I guess. :-)