Thursday, January 14, 2010

Like nails on a chalkboard

I was monitoring some puppy play in the living room this morning when I heard this terrible noise. It was an awful sound, not excessively loud, but it was just one of those sounds that is almost painful. I headed toward the kitchen and the noise, and I found this scene...

Puppy teeth on glass, scrape, scrape, scrape. Eek, that's an awful sound. I'm sure Biscuit was confused as to why he could SEE the food, but he couldn't get it in his mouth. We are talking minimal effort here. I feed the puppies with all sorts of different containers, so that they are used to eating as a group, separately, and out of different types of dishes. Today was the first day for the glass baking dish, and the pups were having fun climbing in and out, so I left it in there longer this morning. I am sure I won't be doing that again. :0)

Watcha doin', Biscuit?

And I just realized that those ears are really gonna be something, once they are up!


penni said...

Cute, bad puppy. What a great age this is!

StubbyDog said...

He's killing me with the cute. Truly!

Chris Beam said...

I love you Biscuit!

Sarah said...

Yes, he's cute, and yes, he's bad. But is there any question why I'm telling myself I don't really *have* to show a dog, I just need this puppy? Every night I will him to shed out to a normal coat. :-)

Michelle said...

Well, I am glad Biscuit was able to give his jaws a good work out..:) That boy is definitely a character...but you can't help but love him...:)

Dawn said...

Do you really think he is a fluff? not just heavier coated? I will pray to the hair god, but it didn't help Siren's curls go away.

Sarah said...

Thanks Dawn, all hair-related thoughts appreciated, haa! I don't know if he's a fluffy, but he's definitely got about 3x the hair the others do. Photos don't show the body hair fuzz very well. You should see him in an episode of "static cling" :-). I plan to just wait and see what happens, because Paula did tell me that she's placed pet puppies she just knew were going to be fluffs, and then they shed out to a normal coat.

I was a bit worried about some of the girls, and another breeder also thought they might be coated, but at 6 weeks, none of the girls have anywhere near the hair that Biscuit has, so I think we may be safe with the girls.

I actually think Biscuit would be super cute if he stayed fluffy. And it's SO his personality, too. :-)

StubbyDog said...

That's when raising puppies is so hard...! Dave and I had a lot of talks before my litter was born, and after they arrived, about what we would do if the "best" structured puppy in the litter wasn't one that we liked personality-wise. Or in this case, if the one that makes you fall over laughing every day happens to be a fluff. ;) I got very lucky because I loved Nash in EVERY way, so it was a no-brainer to me which puppy to keep. I'm still not sure what I would have done if it had been different!


Sarah said...

I agree, Jeri. It's tough for me to think about my choices and the ramifications, and the girls are still young, and all of them are still growing into themselves.

:-) The lovely thing is that right at this moment, I don't have any of the puppies with personalities I can't live with. I bring each puppy out separately at least once a day, and sometimes an assortment of big dogs are laying around, and sometimes just the puppy is out. I put the puppy down, and just go about my business and pretend to ignore the puppy. Some of them will dash around, maybe come over and grab my pantleg for a few seconds, but then they go off and do their own thing, find one of the 18,000 toys and lay down and play or chew a bone, run sprints and dash under and through furniture, jump up and grab Uncle Gizzer's ears, play with Darby, etc. None are shy and afraid to be on their own, none are totally obnoxious needing me to pay undivided attention to them (although hanging onto my shoelaces seems to draw my attention).

I put each on the grooming table daily, and just talk to them. Nobody spreads their paws out and clings to the table or shakes, or acts afraid. In fact, I have to be very careful, they'll run right to the edge and look over. All wag and are happy way up on the table.

It's backward thinking that if one or more puppy WERE afraid on the table, or either more reserved, or more drivey or obnoxious, it might be easier to a) decide who stays, and b) know which puppy is better suited to which companion home. But I won't complain at all, I'll be thankful that they all seem to enjoy every new adventure. I thought I'd see something when we visited the kids, weed out anyone who didn't seem to like kids, or was afraid or was too drivey/nippy. That didn't happen either.

Mr. Brindle (call name coming soon!!!!) and Biscuit are faves by default- they are BOYS- and each day I have a different favorite girl. Tomorrow it could be all different, and I'm interested to see how their personalities continue to grow on as well as how they grow on physically.


I might just have to pick out of a hat in the end!