Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Buffet Line and the Ugly Aftermath

Line 'em up, pups. Time for dinner. Yummmmm. Such enthusiastic eaters.


Um, brindles, pay attention. Hello, where are you going? Eat your dinner, please!


None of the red puppies are leaving their dinner, they're all business. Brindles, come back to the buffet please and finish your dinner!

And the aftermath of all those cutie little patooties lined up for dinner. Gag. Who's going to take care of this? I only liked the cute, puppies lined up and eating part of this deal.


Ahh, yes. The in-home clean up crew approaches. Places everyone!

If anyone tries to tell you that Vallhunds aren't smartbrilliant, well, don't believe them. Hawk simply grabs the edge of a towel, and pulls the bowls right to the edge of the pen. Good work, Hawk. (as an aside, Hawk can also extract giant stuffed toys from the pen through the bars, I have no idea how!)

Kane moves in to assist Hawk with the two bowls he's pulled closer.
Gizmo's method is a bit different and requires concentration and accuracy as he reaches out for one tiny morsel at a time. I love this little girl watching her Uncle, maybe with a bit of hero worship? :-)
And we've all made it through another meal!


Traci said...

How cute are those lined up eating photos!!!???? Too precious! :)

Michelle said...

Hope those puppies are not learning bad habits from their Uncles Hawk and Gizmo...:) Pictures are too cute and they are looking so big..:)

Dawn said...

OH how does one resist the cute? Honestly I have never known a red corgi to walk away from food, well for too long anyways. The kids are growing up.

Sharrie said...

There is a lot of ingenuity when food is involved with Cardis. I don't have much experience with the breed, but my Zippy sure knows how to eat.

Holly said...

So cute!!

Chris Beam said...

I can't get over how cute they are! How do you stand it?!?!

Sarah said...

How do I stand the cute, Chris? Well, I can't hardly stand it, but then I notice that there's poop to be cleaned from the litter box (or worse, someone who didn't quite make it to the box), and puppy bowls to wash, and pups to be separated to spend time with their mothers (who *hate* each other), and the laundry pile that grows faster than I can wash, and well, that evens it out! ;-P But when it's good, they are so cute I could just sit in the puppy pen for hours playing with them or watching them sleep. :-)

colorandtexture said...

Great play by play commentary!!! The picture of Gizmo is the best! Happy New Year to you and ALL of your!