Saturday, February 27, 2010

Puppy Playtime

Lori came over to take photos of the babies Friday night. The stacked photos of the Bree x Smarty girls can be seen HERE on Facebook-Girls Album. The album and the stacked photos of the Syd x mick boys are HERE on Facebook-Boys Album.
Lori also took some photos while the puppies were playing. Biscuit was absent, he was sacked out, snoring in his crate, exhausted from the ordeal of having to stand up like a pretty dog and have his picture taken.. The sweet Phoebe.

Family affair. Uncle Gizmo, Breezy, and her girls.

Gizmo, Olive, Phoebe. Gizmo loves his family.

Phoebe is definitely opinionated, and she talks. A Lot.

Avery. She wasn't doing anything wrong, nope, not her.

Mr. Brindle found a squirrel. Kane destuffed it, but Mr. Brindle still likes to play with it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

'Night-night, good babies

A picture is worth a lifetime of restful sleep. :-) The puppies have been sleeping in crates since they were six weeks old, starting out two puppies in a crate. Now they go outside right before bed, and when they come back in the house, this is what happens. . .

Self-crating puppies, ready to sleep through the night.

Brindle girl 2 visits next door for a moment to see if her sister might have a better toy in her crate. :-)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home Videos

I don't think I ever posted these, and as I am trying to catalog the puppy photos from multiple media cards, I came across these videos of the girl-pups at 21 days old, their first attempts at playing. :-) Were they ever really this small (or this stationary!)?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Sleepers

brought to you by Mr. Brindle, and Brindle Girl 2

Just Terrible

The girls are OK with having their ears taped. Well, Brindle Girl 1 and Red Girl 1 don't seem to be too traumatized about it. But then they are both the big adventurers who think everything in the world is a big game (including the game of "I can move my ear faster than you can move that tape, lady").
Brindle Girl 2 is a bit more like Kane in the "I need sympathy, and I need it now" department. She knows how to work a room. .
And then, well, then there are the boys. Oh, My, Dog are they pathetic. You can't hear my attempts to get a cute, pouty face photo last night. "Biscuit, BISCUIT, look here, do you want a cookie?" "Mr. Brindle, come on boys, look at mommy." Nothing. And if Biscuit won't even look up at the promise of a C-O-O-K-I-E then he's either on his death bed, or he's feeling uber dramatic... Poor boys, if their giant ears would just stay up, I wouldn't have to torture them with the masking tape.

Oh, and speaking of torture, I'm sure the fact that I dremeled nails before the taping torture added nothing to the poutiness...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Updated Available

With Annie (now Francine/Franny) away with her new family, I'm coming out of denial, and am updating the puppies available. Brindle Girl 1 (bottom right), Mr. Brindle (top right), and -sob- Biscuit (big red fluffernutter).

Now, I want to keep Biscuit desperately. But that's because I really feel like he has the potential to be a "Kane" type of Cardigan. And I will only consider placing him in a home where he's going to be an only dog, or perhaps one other dog. I think it would be an injustice to him to keep him in my multi-dog home, although I absolutely will if the perfect home doesn't come along (that goes for any of my puppies). I'd love to keep Biscuit, but I will post him as available in case the absolute, 100% perfect home comes along for this very special fluffernutter.

Brindle Girl 1 continues to worm her way into my heart. My favorite thing about her is her absolute joy in everything she does. She went on a slumber party with my friend Kathy, and I understand that Brindle Girl 1 (named Goofy Girl by Kathy and family) took great delight in jumping over the rungs at the bottom of her kitchen chairs! The thing that makes me laugh the most is the way she insists on barking when she has something in her mouth. She'll grab my pantleg, and "roo roo rooooooo" or a toy, or one of her sisters' ears, whatever. This puppy is definitely an active girl, but as sweet as any puppy could be. Everything in the world is a happy adventure for her. Aside from brains, this puppy is absolutely beautiful, and I love watching her sidegait when she's out moving across the yard.

Mr. Brindle is as special as ever. I think he'll be a constant companion to whoever he attaches himself to. He and Biscuit really appear to me the completely loyal to their own kind of Cardigan. Maybe it's just because they are boys. :-) But I can't think of anything else to say about Mr. Brindle, because anyone who's ever seen any post on the blog knows how special he is.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gee, don't miss us TOO much, Annie...

Oh Annie, I'm so sorry that you miss us terribly. Really, just give it a chance, and if it doesn't get any better, we'll make arrangements for you to come back to Kansas City immediately. I mean, I can see you are obviously in distress, all upset about those strange dogs who are even shorter than you are, and you are definitely too stressed out to relax and sleep...
You poor, poor puppy, fretting away, missing all of us so badly. (insert eye roll).
Courtney is considering starting a blog for Annie (who will be renamed, since there is a family member named Annie already). I told her I was pretty sure there will be a following of Annie Fans. :-)

Oh, and this? Well, this was just about too much cute, a photo Courtney took during their visit. Oh brother, he's about more cute than a person can take!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Resistance Was Futile...

There was no denying Annie, and now she's off in her green Sherpa bag, flying back to Dallas this afternoon with her new family. I'm certain that her time on the plane will be spent plotting out her plan for world Dachshund domination. I'm not sure Texas is ready for Miss Annie!
We'll miss you Annie, but I know we'll see lots of you in the years to come. And thank you, Courtney and Adam, I know that without a doubt, Annie is a really lucky girl.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I find it interesting that these two puppies have never been inseparable. They get along fine, but they don't pair off together during playtime or naptime. But this afternoon and tonight, the "Final Two" are just really stuck together. Oh dear, which puppy will Courtney and Adam choose????

And their choice is...

Well, it'll be one of these two hooligans. They promise to pick one of them before their plane takes off tomorrow afternoon.

Seriously, while I hate that Courtney and Adam now have the agony of deciding, I have to say that at least I know it's not just me, I can't pick either! So, they'll sleep on it and come back tomorrow to play with puppies again, and then it'll be one or the other.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Who will it be??

Tomorrow, Courtney and Adam will fly from Dallas to Kansas City, and then they have the daunting task of meeting the three puppies who are available. Whichever puppy they choose will fly home with them on Sunday, snuggled in a sherpa bag. The new puppy will have three dachshund brothers, Fred, Thor, and Napoleon, and Tina and Molly the Tabby cats. It sounds like an exciting family for any of the three puppies. There is also a future in performance events, and I understand the lucky puppy will be attending some EarthDog events really soon after the move to Texas. Oh boy, do you think anyone will notice that something is not quite right about the new "long and low" dog at the EarthDog event?

Agility, Rally, and hopefully Herding will be in the cards for the new puppy. I'm so excited for tomorrow, and yet I'm so sad to see one of my babies leave the nest. Whichever puppy ends up being "The Dog" for Courtney and Adam, I know the puppy has a happy future ahead.

I think the faithful blog readers and puppy sitters and puppy party attendees should help by commenting on the blog to let Courtney and Adam know which puppy YOU think they should pick. :-) It'll be a Virtual Puppy Picking Party.

Because, as you know, I have already explained why each of these three are the perfect puppy. ...
AnnieMr. Brindle Brindle Girl 1

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Talk-y, No Text-y, Take Two

The First Episode of No Talk-y, No Text-y occurred last April with my beloved pink phone, and that was totally my fault. But this time, I only left the room for a minute, and the phone was tucked away safely on the night table. I even had the hated Dremel sitting right next to the phone. I mean, no dog would willingly go near a Dremel! I dunno, is 3 years the "new 6 months?" Syd, this second puppyhood thing is getting really, really old...
Free to any home, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, one black leg, one white leg, seemingly innocent with sweet expression, secretly plotting to control the world...

Monday, February 8, 2010


Annie says, "It's about time! I've had my ears for a long time!"
The ears have arrived! We have ears... ears...


more ears...

and even more, uh, oops...

Oh well, poor Biscuit, he missed ear-taping by one day, so he's a bit behind the schedule!

I know I'm way behind in blogging, and Annie has an entire entry about her slumber party with Dudley and Taffy, too. I'll try to catch up, maybe by the weekend!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Like Herding Cats, and WHHEEEEE!

It really gets old carrying puppies, two by two, outside and down the three steps of our deck to the puppy pen. It's especially interesting when the puppies are now trying to leap out of my arms and take a dive into the puppy yard. But it's always a challenge trying to find a way for the pups to go down a ramp and get into the puppy pen and yard without letting them into the main yard. And it's equally challenging to keep the big dogs out of the puppy pen.

So I rigged up this contraption with expen panels to help move the puppies out the back door and into the "chute" like cattle. I think it's more like herding cats than cows, though. And the puppies LOVE using their little ramp. At first, they tried to walk/run down the ramp, but now they step on, and let themselves just slide down the ramp and into their pen.


Notice how Annie launches herself into the slide, and lands on her feet at a run!

Hmm, I'm pretty sure I only counted five Cardi Tushies headed down that ramp!

AHA! Here she is...


And once the babies are in the puppy yard, I slide another panel across the chute. :-)

And when it's time for the puppies to be herded back into the house, I lift the gate, and off they go!

Climb, climb, climb!


P.S. Annie is off for the evening to visit with Dudley, Taffy, Cheri and George. I'm absolutely amazed at how quiet it is at the house! The other puppies are probably trying to catch up on sleep, since Annie instigates lots of wrestling and chasing around here! And I did give Annie explicit instructions that she's to send me an email and let me know what kind of fun she finds at Dudley's house!