Friday, April 23, 2010

Gimme a Cookie or the Tulip Gets It

Look at the pretty tulips, Biskie! Aren't they pretty?

"Hmm, I think I need a closer look."

"Yes, this definitely tastes like a tulip. The red tulip tastes much better than the yellow ones from last week."

"Nom, nom. Mmmmmm. Me like tulips."

"I hear you calling me, mom. I'll be right with you, I just need to finish my snack."

"High five for red tulips. Best snack all day."

"Burrrppp. Oops, excuse me..."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"Did you find us?".
Happy Spring and Welcome to the Hurrikane Puppy Blog,
from the Trio in the Tulips
photo by Kathy Kreipe

Friday, April 16, 2010

Storm the Castle, uh, A-frame

Darby and the puppies like to play Storm the Castle. Usually it's in the living room, with Darby guarding the "castle" aka the sofa, and the puppies try to jump up on the sofa while Darby plays goalkeeper.

Today, this game moved outside, when the fearless puppies decided to try out the A-frame. The first of several videos. Notice Darby's eyes when she discovers she can't block Biscuit and Olive at the same time!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Out of Denial

I've been denying it for several weeks, but today I'm officially out of denial, and admit that it would be in Biscuit's best interest if he lived in a home where he has fewer resident doggy friends, and more time with the humans. OK, that made me really sad and choked up just to type it.

But I see in Biscuit's face that he's so happy when most of the others are outside, and he and Darby and sometimes Uncle Gizmo are sharing a dog bed, chewing on a bone. Biscuit likes to sit right beside me, and he occasionally stops chewing his bone to look up and check in with me.

Biskie loves the adult dogs much more than his girl cousins, and given the choice, he would hang with the big dogs all the time and let the stoopid girl puppies do their own thing. Much like Kane, Biscuit is more of an old soul in a puppy suit. Just this evening, I was hanging clean dog towels out on the line, and the other dogs and pups were out playing and frapping in the yard. Not Biscuit. He was sitting at my feet (meaning I almost broke my neck multiple times trying not to trip over him), occasionally leaning over and licking my ankle. Oh Biscuit. sob.

And just in case you think I'm biased (I totally am), and making things up about how smart and fantastic Biscuit is (not a bit exaggerated), here's some video of Biscuit walking along with me, just happy to be with me. No leash, just a happy puppy. He didn't care to go over and see our neighbor's dog Paulie, he wanted to be with his momma.

And a fun puppy recall, using the cookie toss game. Good boy, Biscuit.

I think Biscuit is destined to be someone's heart dog. Maybe he's an obedience dog, he has the perfect attention for the sport. He would love agility, although he's not going to be the next lightning fast MACH prospect, but he loves to work with me, and I know he would be like Kane, he would do ANYthing for his person. And because Biscuit just wins over everyone he meets, and he's so endearing, I think he has a future in therapy work, whether officially, or just providing therapy for his friends and family.

I've given a thought to pinning notes on all the other dogs and dropping them off at the Greyhound station, but of course, that's not likely to happen. I know I have to do what's best for Biscuit, even if it's not easy for me. Biscuit isn't *quite* perfect, he does have his quirks. First and foremost, he can't hold his licker. He wants to kiss people all the time. He also insists on doing refrigerator inspection every time the door opens. He has a big-boy bark, but when he's super excited, he does have a certain bark that could wake a cave full of hibernating bats. I'm not sure where that comes from, but thankfully it's not the only bark he has! Oh, and of course, Biscuit does have a love of reading, and he especially likes to peruse the phone book.

So we'll officially start looking for the perfect family for Biscuit, knowing now that I can't just keep saying no to everyone who inquires...

Puppy Pool Party

It's time for the puppy pools! I only had one "real" pool, and of course that belongs to Syd in the Big Yard, so I took the plastic storage bin that I used for the puppy litter box and turned it into a puppy pool until I can get a new pool for the puppy yard.
Avery quickly took a turn, and she's lucky she hopped in, because I'm sure it's NO surprise to anyone who ended up being the pool-hog of the weekend!

Look at that impressive trick. Biscuit can shake, shake, shake half his body, while the other half remains motionless!

Happy puppies!

Dig and splash.

Uh, Biscuit, you have a little something dripping, more like streaming, from your chin...

Bite and splash.

Cool dude.

Avery says, "Gosh, Biscuit, that water sure looks like fun. I wish I could get back in there."

Biscuit must have inherited the "pool is mine" gene from his mother, as seen here. Every time Avery or Olive hopped in the pool, Biscuit found an important reason he had to be back in the pool. And his size and bulk really helped him, he just pushed his way in, and promptly lay down, taking up the entire pool.

"What? It's my pool, right?"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh, Biscuit...

Biscuit, Avery, and Olive rode to Wichita yesterday to cheer for our friend Skyla, and also to show in the puppy match. The puppies were so tired, they went right to sleep on the drive home. The girls curled up in their crates and never moved during the trip. Biscuit, always wanting to be different (and dramatic), was a different story. The full set of photos can be viewed HERE on Facebook , and they are in chronological order over a 3 hour time period. If you need a laugh, it's well worth the 45 seconds to watch the progression of Biscuit's sleeping arrangements!
Don't worry, Biscuit. We are laughing with you, not at you. ;-)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Olive Time

Olive is a one of those girls who LOVES to play. She's always up for any adventure, and she does everything at 110%.
The Ambush. Why is it that the girls think it's SO funny to hide and jump out at the boys. I'm not sure, but Olive thinks it's very cool!
The Chomp. This is the move the precedes The Takedown in Corgi Sister Wrestling Federation.

Playing makes a girl hungry. Olive stops for a snack, but is sorely disappointed to find that this is Darby's empty dinner bowl. Oh well, a girl's gotta try!

The puppies are all teething, especially the girls. Chew, Olive, chew!

Aahhh, this bone really helps with the sore toothies.

Whew. Olive is finally tired out!
And so ends the stories of three puppies at play. P.S. As I reviewed all these photos, I was actuely aware of how long the puppy talons were. So yesterday, all the pups and Uncle Gizzer had to tolerate the Dremel. ahh, pretty corgi toes, gotta love it!

Playtime with The Biscuit

A few words from The Biscuit Man.

People ask how I can stand to live with these two bossy girls. Well, see, I just give 'em "The Eye" as I walk by. They ignore me and pounce on me anyway, but I keep trying. I think I hear Avery laughing at me. Mom, Avery's laughing at me!

That's right, girls. Run and hide from The Biscuit. Or take your toys under the chair and hide them from me cuz I can't fit under there anymore.
OK, so I can sorta still fit under the chair, but not very good, and I needed help from momma to get myself out from under here.

I try to mind my own business, and chew on my bone.

But I can't help trying to join in wiff Darby and Uncle Gizzer. I really like that Darby girl. Even if she does look like a coyote.

Mom, Avery's stepping on me, I was here first...

The blur that is Avery

I posted early on that it was a shame nobody could see how pretty Avery was, because she couldn't stop wagging and wiggling for stacked photos. Well, the same holds true for candid shots. The new ELPH camera isn't impressing me much, unless the puppies are sleeping. So every time I try to get a photo of the puppies being cute, or at least looking directly at me, ears up, being attentive, it never works out.

Avery, moreso than the others, always seems to look away, or take a step, or somehow ruin a good photo opportunity. I can usually catch Biscuit and Olive at least for a few cute shots, but Avery, never...

Come on, Olive, get your tushy outta my photo shoot.

I think my bone slipped through the hole and fell under here.

Nobody will ever think to look for me under the chair.

I like playing with Uncle Gizmo and Darby.

Wuv Uncle Gizmo.

I can't look directly at the camera, I'm too shy...

OK, I'll try to look at you, but it's really important that I continue to chew on the handle of the broom I knocked over.

You can't see me. I'm a good hider.

Num, num, I like taste testing the dog bed.

Photos of the other hooligans to follow...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Biscuit Withdrawl

I was suffering from some Biscuit Withdrawl, and I see him every day. So I had to snap a few new photos of the big man tonight.

Ahh, like mother, like son. I can't even count the number of shoes lost to Sydney (although I can definitively count the number of Palm Centros she destroyed- TWO). In fact, the laces on this shoe are tied together at the top, because Syd chewed the lace in half, and who has time or can remember to go buy new shoelaces? Not me!

Nice job, Biscuit, thanks for your assistance.