Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pupdate, Brindle Boy 12-12

I guess I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it! But our vets say that the little brindle boy is doing exceptionally well under the circumstances, and we are just hoping for the best now. I am having a hard time thinking that he might just recover, and I did verify with Dr. Wingert that "anything can happen" so I'm trying to be realistic. But, the little guy has gained back the weight he lost, plus a full 1.4 oz more. So we will take this good day and enjoy it, no matter what tomorrow might bring. The first photo almost made me laugh. Darby had a make up obedience class this morning, and when we got home, I came upstairs to find the puppy laying flat on his back, pink mouth and belly, normal, regular breathing. And notice that Syd wanted fair warning for the family photo so she could try to look her best. :-) Cuz it's all about her, after all!


StubbyDog said...

I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for that beautiful boy. Keep going little guy!

Sherilyn said...

Wonderful news! Cherish all the precious moments! :)

Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

Holding the little brindle boy, Sydney and you in the light. I will continue to pray that all continues to improve!