Sunday, December 27, 2009

Agility Dog?

This dog does have agility titles, right? This is Syd, watching over her boys from the makeshift temp pen while the boys are still spending time upstairs. I used the Kirkland biscuit box to make a taller doorway to contain the escapee boys. At first, Syd whined and paced on the other side of the box. It might be 10 inches tall (she jumps 12 in agility!). So, for the Diva, I had to accommodate. Syd's favorite place to lay is a pet sofa that sits on top of a Kuranda elevated bed. I moved it over in front of the opening so that Syd can just hop over from the sofa and into the pen. It seems to suit her just fine, and as a bonus, she loves to lay on the sofa and watch her boys sleep. :-)


Michelle said...

I just love the look on Syd's really, move this box of biscuits. :)

colorandtexture said...

As always, Syd is lovely but the pic of the pup is off the chart sweet!!!