Monday, December 21, 2009

Breezy's Girls - 2 Weeks

Breezy's girls turned 2 weeks old on Friday. Sorry it's so late, things have been, well, crazy for the last few weeks! All eyes opened yesterday, but (gasp) my camera broke, and I am allowing myself to cry at least three times a day about it. UPDATE: My camera might be OK. Somehow the photos ARE transferring over to the card, but I had to run a scan with a photo recovery program to see that for some reason they were either written over or the card got reformatted. Now I need to find a good, free program to recover them. Maybe we'll be back in business with my trusty old camera soon!

So, here are the girls, and I'll have to try to find my old camera and see if it can take a photo in focus to help us limp along with puppy photos...

Brindle Girl 1.

Brindle Girl 2. Love the stripes on the inside of her left ear.
Red Girl 2. She was not happy about me waking her up just for a photo.

Red Girl 1. Cute as ever!

Some Group Photos of the little girl family.

The boys are 4 weeks old today, and this morning I went upstairs to find both puppies and their momma Syd running around the bedroom, chasing and playing with each other. Guess it's time to move to the big puppy pen permanently!


penni said...

Camera withdrawal -- so sorry! The babies are darling, and look to be thriving. It's great to hear that Syd's sons are racing around.

Wanda ~ Bendi Cardigans said...

Love them all...they are BEAUTIFUL. Red girl 1 is absolutly to cute for words. Wonderful to her that Syd & the boys are all doing well.

stjocorgi said...

So sad about the camera...your pictures and captions are so enjoyable. The girls are really precious and it must be wonderful to see the boys and Syd so active.

colorandtexture said...

I'm having a moment of silence for your camera . . .
On a brighter note, the puppies are SO DARLING!!!