Friday, December 11, 2009

Sydney's Boys- P(uppy)ICU

(photo from Thursday morning, after our trip to the vet, propped at an angle so that he can breathe easier)

It's been a rough few days in Sydney's puppy box with very little sleep for anyone, so I apologize for being behind in blogging. It has become the PICU (PuppyICU) upstairs in Syd's box. Our sweet baby brindle boy is experiencing a setback. The red dog is still gaining weight every day, growing and growing. Tonight I see a little bit of his eye shining at me. But our sweet little brindle boy was getting fussy and not nursing well, and Wednesday night he woke up every few hours crying.
A trip to the vet first thing Thursday morning revealed an enlarged heart on the xray, and a pretty sick puppy. My fantastic vets have been doing "support" measures to see if this is some massive infection or incident that will resolve itself, or whether this is a heart problem that will likely not resolve. Thursday morning, Dr. Becker and Dr. Wingert were not very optimistic, and tried to prepare me. They said if the puppy was still surviving that night, to bring him back for more fluids before the office closed. When I took a still-living puppy back on Thursday night, Dr. Becker said the puppy looked better already, coloring was better, and he was more lively, and breathing was better. Friday morning, both doctors again think the puppy looks even better. Only time will tell if our little guy is going to pull through. Most importantly, he is comfortable, and he is now nursing again (but I'm still tube feeding him every 3-4 hours), and with our daily and twice daily trips to the vet for them to check him out, he appears to be looking better. His color is pink again, his hydration is better, and his breathing is much better. Is this because of the medications he's getting? We don't know, but again, time will tell. When friends ask how the puppy is doing, all I can really say is, "He's alive and comfortable." I really hate to say he's doing "better" because we really don't know.
Through it all, though, it's amazing to me to see that Sydney and Tater Too (this puppy reminds me so much of his Uncle Tater!) are always right near the little patient.

Our little guy sure is a fighter, and as long as he is comfortable and not in pain, we'll keep up feeding and fluids, to see if this is something his little puppy body can fight and win.


Sherilyn said...

Great news! I know it's still not a definite, but prayers are still heading your way for that sweet brindle boy. It sounds like he's getting a little stronger. It's amazing how resilient this breed is! Hugs to all, and hope you can get some rest. It sounds like you need it!

Wanda ~ Bendi Cardigans said...

Glad to hear the little guy is still hanging in there. Prayers are with you all. It's nice to see Syd still close at hand...Because nature usually tells them to push the sickly away. WTG SYD!!! and Sarah keep up the fantastic nursing. If any one can pull him through it willbe you with the "LOVE and CARE". HUGS to everyone!

Holly said...

Prayers your way that the little guy continues on his path to being healed.

stjocorgi said...

Sarah, know that this puppy boy and you are in our prayers. Heartfelt wishes coming your way for continued strength and vigor for all.

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone. The good thoughts seem to be working, and I appreciate everyone keeping the little guy in your thoughts. This morning our trip to the vet was a happy experience. Dr. Wingert said he could not believe how much better the little guy looks. And, he's gained back all the weight he lost, plus one ounce. Dr. Wingert had to show him to Dr. Becker too, because 2 days ago, they were really feeling like this was not going to get better. I am still not overjoyed and thinking everything is OK, because this still could go either way, but in the words of Dr. Wingert, "I feel much better about this puppy today." We will just keep on keeping on.