Sunday, March 28, 2010

Farewell, Phoebe. Or "Hello, Kitty"

Phoebe with her new mom, Wendy.
Goodbye, sweet Phoebe. Oh how I will miss you. That face, that smile, and the silly, silly games. I said it early on, and it's still true. Phoebe has a real love for life, and she makes the best of it every day. Phoebe will now be "Kitty" and she left for Alabama yesterday. The puppy that Norma thought was the pick puppy will never see the show ring, but she'll never know it, or feel badly about it. And that's because she's got a mom and dad, and Cardigan brother Bogie who will love her and show her a great life. I am so happy for her, even if I will miss that funny awwooo-wooo as she runs and flings her toys around the living room.

Wendy drove up from Alabama Friday night, and we met early Saturday morning. When I found out we could go to the herding clinic Saturday instead of Sunday, Wendy asked if she could join us. So I had another few hours to enjoy Phoebe, and she got to see some sheep (she was not impressed).

So long, Phoebalicious. Just remember, you are NOT a cat! :-)


penni said...

My brother lived in a neighborhood that prohibited ownership of dogs that weighed more than 15 pounds. So he bought a bull mastiff puppy and named her Kitty. He'd stand at his back door and call, "Here, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty". Everyone thought he had a cat!

So best wishes for the newest "Kitty" and her happy owner.

StubbyDog said...

Maybe I should sneak down to birmingham and steal her for a few shows. ;)

Happy trails, Phoebe!

Wendy said...

It's a long story on the name! I wanted to name her Tigger - since she is bouncy and kinda striped. We also looked at names of actresses who had work with Bogart. If I'd thought I could successfully yell "Bacall" out the back door, that would have been her name =) Fiona was my favorite choice, as we're big Shrek fans (and you CAN yell Fiooooooooona out the back door, which is my first criterion for a pet name =). Then we got to chatting about female TV characters we liked. Brenda Leigh Johnson from "The Closer" is one of my faves, and she had a boy kitty named "Kitty." My hubby loved the irony of a boy kitty named "Kitty" and thought it would be equally ironic to have a girl puppy named "Kitty." So here we are. Her full name is Hurrikane's Hello Kitty Leigh Johnson. It's girly, it's ironic, it's unique, it's funny, and it becomes more appropriate by the moment! So "hi" from Kitty, Bogie, Wendy, and Mike (Boogie the Clown) in Alabama! -WE \0/

colorandtexture said...

Oh, I'm so glad I got to meet this little sweet heart at the dog show -- she's SO beautiful! Happy new home to you little Kitty!!

coopercreek said...

Awww, but she did end up seeing the show ring and what a splash she made. Only one more point to go til her championship. Congrats on such an outstanding litter of girls!