Sunday, March 14, 2010

And Then There Were Four, or Brecon's New Home

Baby Brecon, aka Mr. Brindle, moved to his new home today. He spent a weekend with Elaine last month, and now he's packed his bags, and he lives in Liberty. Brecon made himself right at home, and I think he's going to have fun.

He's already trained Elaine to give him lots of tummy rubs. And he's quite happily taken over the dog bed, secure enough not to care that it has pink flowers on it. :-).


"Excuse me, can I help you? I was napping here."



Bye, special, special boy. We will sure miss you at home, and but I know we'll see you soon!

When I look at this photo, Brecon looks like a miniature version of Syd. I'm happy that Brecon is going to have so much interaction with people, and Elaine is getting him into a puppy class for dog socialization too. The bonus is that I might get to babysit him this summer, and Elaine will allow me to show him if he grows up and wants to be a show dog. But first and foremost, he's going to be one spoiled boy. Elaine promises to send me pix and updates, and I promise to share them!


dreameyce said...

Such a bitter-sweet. Hopefully you don't have too many tears shed!! That really must be the hardest part about breeding dogs.

*hugs* Is Elaine a blogger, or can she be bribed into it??? *G*

Sarah said...

Elaine says she's not sure if she'll be up to blogging, but she promises to send me updates that I can post. :-)

This one was really difficult, and I changed my mind several times, but I know he'll be happy, and he's close enough I can keep up with him, so it's a good thing for Brecon, even if it's not easy.

penni said...

I know we can't keep them all, but . . . I'm so happy he'll be close by and we'll be able to watch him grow.

Lin said...

Sad and happy, too. What a beautiful little boy! Wish I were so lucky!

Melisse said...

He look VERY comfortable on that new bed...I think he's gonna be spoiled :-)