Monday, March 29, 2010

And Then There Were Three...

And I decided to walk them all at once tonight! :-) I got home a bit later than I wanted to, and we had class tonight, so I opted to try to get in a walk before class. That required all three at once. For the most part, the pups did good, and we almost always all walked in the same direction!
Walk to the left.
Walk to the right.

Was that a squirrel?

Run puppies, run! But wait for me!


Angela said...

Looks like they did good for you Sarah! I really don't know how the dog walkers do it! I do good to walk 1 dog! lol


Red Dog Mom said...

Goodness, except for the mostly black tail, Olive could be Moira when viewed from behind. And Biscuit bears a strong resemblance to Bogey too.

Sherilyn said...

And what a nice 3 dog weave they have going there!! My old basketball coach would be mighty impressed. ;)

shari bee said...

Biskie has stolen my heart. His photos make me smile every day!

Sarah said...

Angela - The puppies do pretty good at walking, they switch positions, and that braids the leashes, but they try to keep up (and the girls try to wait on Big Biscuit to catch up)!

Dina- Just for you, I'll start calling Olive PuHead and Biscuit Bogey just to see if they respond. ;-P

Sherilyn - I'm pretty sure these kids would never make height for basketball, not even as zippy little point guards. haaaaa

Shari Bee- But of course, Biscuit is an excellent thief, he steals everyone's heart. There's just something about The Biscuit Man. He can't be denied. :-)