Monday, March 15, 2010

Brecon's First Day Pupdate

Dear Sarah and the Brecon Posse,

First of all, don't expect daily updates, especially once spring break ends!

Brecon, aka Mr. Brindle, seems to be doing fine. He's found lots of fun leaves to chomp on and has had a couple of good fraps around the yard and house. He is properly defferential so far to the cats. He has also found things he doesn't need, like a wine bottle cork I had given to the cats some time ago and forgot about. He's been out around two different blocks for walks, one yesterday and one today.

I have been putting his daily ration of puppy food into Kongs so he has a challenge and something appropriate to chew. So attached are a couple of pictures of Brecon, the mighty Kong hunter!

I'm sorry. This update was interrupted by a housebreaking interlude.....

As I leave you, Brecon is having a wrestling match with his flowered bed. So far the bed is winning.

Your humble and obedient servant,

editor's note: Later this evening, I heard that Brecon has won over everyone at his new vet clinic, he's signed up for a "puppy's only" Monday daycare, Elaine has gone to meet a trainer about puppy class, and he's already enrolled in a basic obedience class for later this spring. whew! You go, Elaine, and good boy, Brecon!

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