Thursday, November 19, 2009

Puppy Shower!

Some surprises are really fun. Like, the surprise when you think you are going to a meeting at work, a meeting about a really important and stressful issue, and you arrive to said "meeting" to find the conference room looking like this:and this:Some of my co-workers thought it would be fun to throw a Puppy Shower for the girls. :-) Who knew that an "old towel" shower could be so much fun! Old towels were sometimes wrapped up in other old towels really creatively.

The shower was complete with Pink Puppy Punch, "Puppy Chow" snack mix, a dog bone placemat, paw print napkins, Costco cake with graham cracker Scoobie Snax, bone-shaped mints (painstakingly made, rolled, and cut out by Marla), and even a bottle of hand sanitizer, special for the germaphobe!Marla really got me, I had no idea anything was up (hence the laptop tucked under my arm!).

Costco cake can draw quite a crowd!

Jennifer and Lori, heading up the shower committee. Thanks ladies!

The presents. Mostly old towels that people donated, and a fun basket with dog and human snacks, and then, well, I know everyone is jealous, but Susan R. brought Syd and Bree a giant bag of chicken leg quarters! awww, so thoughtful!!

And a special poem accompanied the gift of towels from Susan G. All in all, a fun afternoon break, and some really sweet and thoughtful co-workers to share it with! Thanks everyone.


Holly said...

Wow! What a great time you all must have had!!

penni said...

What a really thoughtful thing for your co-workers to do -- any excuse for cake, right?

Dawn said...

That was really a nice surprise. What a great group you must work with. When pups come will you be able to take them in to visit. My pups seemed to like the trips to the office.

Garrett808 said...

that's pretty much the awesome-est thing I've ever heard of!

Jules said...

What great coworkers!

Sherilyn said...

How awesome!!! You have a great bunch of co-workers!! :) Thanks for sharing! Great ideas!

Eva Gallant said...

Wow, that's a new one one me! What a great crew you must work with!

I was blog hopping and landed here. Hope you'll visit my blog soon.