Saturday, November 28, 2009

5 Days In

And both boys have nearly doubled their weight. They are toddling around the box, and I'm glad to have them reach the stage where they can move themselves on and off the heating pad, so I don't worry so much about them getting chilled. Syd is still not eating on her own, but she's letting me feed her and she did take a bit of cottage cheese. Her "other mother" (Jacque) stopped by today, and Syd just wiggled herself in half, racing around the house, so excited. She was pretty sure Jacque was here to see HER, not the babies! My Aunt Kathy stopped by today also, and Syd acted like Kathy was her best friend, too. I'm not sure Syd has ever even met Kathy before! I guess Syd needed a little bit of the spotlight back on her. :-)
And so far, so good with the home-brewed puppy box. I'm really liking it, it's very easy to clean, I can anchor down bedding under the sides, and the rails are working well. And most of all, it fits well in the bedroom, and makes a cozy home for Syd and her baby boys. I guess I need to get the rails done on the other puppy box, as the clock is ticking for Breezy!

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