Friday, November 27, 2009

Breezy Update

With everything that has happened with Syd and her early delivery, and the two special, special babies to take care of, I have been trying to forget the fact that BREEZY is due to have puppies one week from today. She's been so good, and really has taken pregnancy in stride. She doesn't even act like she's pregnant, scrambling up the A-frame, dashing around the yard in the eternal hope of catching a squ*rrel.

Today she went for her Xray to see if we can see some babies. The verdict is "at least 4" and we saw some suspicious shadows, so Dr. B says he's going to guess 5 (but she's not lopsided) so maybe even 6. And he gave me reassurance that this was going to be OK. He also told me that he's expecting me to call me any time before, during, or after because he knows I'm really worried that something else might go wrong.

So far, Bree has gained 8 pounds, and has one week to go. Please don't look at her long nails, I haven't wanted to stress her out and dremel nails in the last couple of weeks!

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