Friday, November 6, 2009

A different side of things

I'm not sure, but I am thinking that my comparison photos of Sydney laying in full frog-dog may be a thing of the past. Perhaps because her legs might not touch the ground anymore? So now I find her most of the time in this position. It's interesting, because I thought her belly would grow down and maybe out to the sides. But she is clearly also growing UP also, and her back has a definite rise. Makes for a really super-pretty topline! Monday she'll go to our favorite Dr. Perkins DVM for chiropractic to help keep her feeling her best.

And Breezy? Well, Bree is forever the supermodel. She has this tight, cute little puffy belly, and she's looking thicker around her ribs and middle, but she still has a waist, and she still looks as fit as ever. I can see that she looks much different than normal, but anyone who doesn't see her usual svelte, thin self might not even notice. I'm hopeful she won't grow as dramatically as Sydney, and she will have fewer miserable fat days!

This weekend I will be finishing up the ceiling-to-floor cleaning of the two puppy rooms. I have been needing to do it for a long time, but just put it off. Nothing like puppies on the way to motivate me! And the local women's shelter and Salvation Army are going to benefit too, because I'm loading up the van with things I really need to just get rid of and donating them this weekend.


penni said...

At least Syd is being THIS pregnant in the fall/winter. Poor girl would be miserable in the summer time.

Sarah said...

That's true, Penni! What's really odd, though, is that it's the first week of November, and it's supposed to be about 75 this weekend! I wish that this was an indication of a mild winter (says the person with winter puppies on the way), but I'm hearing one of our favorite meteorologists saying we could have more snow this winter than usual... snow is fine, Syd and Bree and litter loved playing in the snow. Freezing rain and ice, well, that really put a damper on their housetraining! Thank goodness for the litter box!