Monday, November 2, 2009

Puppy Pen, Final Version

I finally had a bit of time last night and tonight to finish the touch-up painting to cover the black screws, putting the panel on the door of the ex-pen, and fixing the opening to be gentle on momma-dog bellies. Whew, I'm glad to be done. As usual, click to "biggify" the pix. I used a piece of foam on the door, I think it's intended for pipe insulation. I wrapped a piece of soft terry cloth around and tucked under the slit, and slid the entire tube over the opening.


And here's the pen broken down. Voila, virtually flat, and so easy to store! That's the best part of the whole thing! I do have a 3 x 3 flat piece of tileboard to put under the pen as well, but also flat!

Hey, who let this character in here? Uncle, you just have to know everything about everything, he's given the entire thing a good sniffing just to be sure there's no food inside.

The girls checking out the pretty new pen. Sydney, glaring at me. "Excuse me, but isn't this supposed to be my own private space?"

And then Breezy. When I opened the door to let her out, she stayed in and invited her boy toys in to hang with her and clean her ears. Sheesh, I think she's going to have the boys raise her babies for her! Breezy definitely has the boys all charmed. :-)

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solsticekennels said...

nice box! I got a durawhelp for the last litter and I love the way it folds down for storage. Good luck with the litter. I still don't know if our breeding took, Lindy is showing no signs but she didn't last time either until almost 6 weeks so I still have a bit of hope.