Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Updated Available

With Annie (now Francine/Franny) away with her new family, I'm coming out of denial, and am updating the puppies available. Brindle Girl 1 (bottom right), Mr. Brindle (top right), and -sob- Biscuit (big red fluffernutter).

Now, I want to keep Biscuit desperately. But that's because I really feel like he has the potential to be a "Kane" type of Cardigan. And I will only consider placing him in a home where he's going to be an only dog, or perhaps one other dog. I think it would be an injustice to him to keep him in my multi-dog home, although I absolutely will if the perfect home doesn't come along (that goes for any of my puppies). I'd love to keep Biscuit, but I will post him as available in case the absolute, 100% perfect home comes along for this very special fluffernutter.

Brindle Girl 1 continues to worm her way into my heart. My favorite thing about her is her absolute joy in everything she does. She went on a slumber party with my friend Kathy, and I understand that Brindle Girl 1 (named Goofy Girl by Kathy and family) took great delight in jumping over the rungs at the bottom of her kitchen chairs! The thing that makes me laugh the most is the way she insists on barking when she has something in her mouth. She'll grab my pantleg, and "roo roo rooooooo" or a toy, or one of her sisters' ears, whatever. This puppy is definitely an active girl, but as sweet as any puppy could be. Everything in the world is a happy adventure for her. Aside from brains, this puppy is absolutely beautiful, and I love watching her sidegait when she's out moving across the yard.

Mr. Brindle is as special as ever. I think he'll be a constant companion to whoever he attaches himself to. He and Biscuit really appear to me the completely loyal to their own kind of Cardigan. Maybe it's just because they are boys. :-) But I can't think of anything else to say about Mr. Brindle, because anyone who's ever seen any post on the blog knows how special he is.


dreameyce said...

Now you GOTTA spill the beans- who ARE you keeping????? I tried calling you yesterday, but you didn't answer, and I didn't want to leave a message in case you've not gotten the new phone yet :)

Claudia said...

I wish I could take Mr B or Brindle Girl 1. I love them both.

Sarah said...

Emily, I don't know who will be staying, I guess time will tell. Not trying to withhold information, I really don't know.

Claudia, take your pick. haaa! The little brindle girl has great potential for anything that requires critical thinking skills. :-)

solsticekennels said...

Oh Sarah, just keep them all you know you want to ha ha ha!