Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just Terrible

The girls are OK with having their ears taped. Well, Brindle Girl 1 and Red Girl 1 don't seem to be too traumatized about it. But then they are both the big adventurers who think everything in the world is a big game (including the game of "I can move my ear faster than you can move that tape, lady").
Brindle Girl 2 is a bit more like Kane in the "I need sympathy, and I need it now" department. She knows how to work a room. .
And then, well, then there are the boys. Oh, My, Dog are they pathetic. You can't hear my attempts to get a cute, pouty face photo last night. "Biscuit, BISCUIT, look here, do you want a cookie?" "Mr. Brindle, come on boys, look at mommy." Nothing. And if Biscuit won't even look up at the promise of a C-O-O-K-I-E then he's either on his death bed, or he's feeling uber dramatic... Poor boys, if their giant ears would just stay up, I wouldn't have to torture them with the masking tape.

Oh, and speaking of torture, I'm sure the fact that I dremeled nails before the taping torture added nothing to the poutiness...

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Taryn said...

Cardigans can be SO melodramatic! They are very good at "working" their people! Oh, woe is me! She dremmelled my toes, she taped my ears, it's just so awful! Pity me!!