Thursday, February 4, 2010

Still Taped!

Whew, the ears are still up, and the tape is still intact after a good night's sleep! I wasn't sure, since some of the girls slept two to a crate. And so far this morning, the puppies are doing normal wrestling, and not grabbing each other by the tape. So, they've all made it 12 hours with no major tape incident!

Annie, relaxing because she only had to have one ear reinforced with some tape.

Biscuit. I had to trim a little bit more after I taped his ears. I could feel some of the neck fur caught in the tape, so I just snipped that stuff loose. I can't wait to see what his hair looks like after all the taping is over! Poor puppy... But don't worry, he works the situation to his full advantage..
Brindle Girl 1. "Can someone wake me up when this is over?" The only problem she has is that this tape sort of puts a damper on her slithering under the furniture. Inevitably, one of her ears catches on the bottom of the furniture, so she's a bit miffed about that!
And last but not least, Brindle Girl 2. She just takes everything in stride, no worries. In fact, while she was sitting on the kitchen counter during the taping session, she didn't object at all. She was busy pawing and playing with the roll of tape in front of her.

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