Saturday, February 27, 2010

Puppy Playtime

Lori came over to take photos of the babies Friday night. The stacked photos of the Bree x Smarty girls can be seen HERE on Facebook-Girls Album. The album and the stacked photos of the Syd x mick boys are HERE on Facebook-Boys Album.
Lori also took some photos while the puppies were playing. Biscuit was absent, he was sacked out, snoring in his crate, exhausted from the ordeal of having to stand up like a pretty dog and have his picture taken.. The sweet Phoebe.

Family affair. Uncle Gizmo, Breezy, and her girls.

Gizmo, Olive, Phoebe. Gizmo loves his family.

Phoebe is definitely opinionated, and she talks. A Lot.

Avery. She wasn't doing anything wrong, nope, not her.

Mr. Brindle found a squirrel. Kane destuffed it, but Mr. Brindle still likes to play with it.


Kim said...

At rally today there was a Leonberger named "Biscuit". She is 14 mo old and 145lbs. Maybe baby Biscuit is gonna be a Leonberger when he grows up!

Sarah said...

Gosh, Kim, I sure hope he doesn't turn into a Leonberger!!! When I took the pups to agility class, people who aren't familiar with corgis told me Biscuit looked like a St. Bernard puppy. ;-P At least he doesn't look like a shoebox with legs anymore, his body is resembling a Cardigan more every day!

Melisse said...

That first family affair gosh it looks like poor Breezy is getting mauled!
I can tell she's having fun though.