Friday, February 5, 2010

Like Herding Cats, and WHHEEEEE!

It really gets old carrying puppies, two by two, outside and down the three steps of our deck to the puppy pen. It's especially interesting when the puppies are now trying to leap out of my arms and take a dive into the puppy yard. But it's always a challenge trying to find a way for the pups to go down a ramp and get into the puppy pen and yard without letting them into the main yard. And it's equally challenging to keep the big dogs out of the puppy pen.

So I rigged up this contraption with expen panels to help move the puppies out the back door and into the "chute" like cattle. I think it's more like herding cats than cows, though. And the puppies LOVE using their little ramp. At first, they tried to walk/run down the ramp, but now they step on, and let themselves just slide down the ramp and into their pen.


Notice how Annie launches herself into the slide, and lands on her feet at a run!

Hmm, I'm pretty sure I only counted five Cardi Tushies headed down that ramp!

AHA! Here she is...


And once the babies are in the puppy yard, I slide another panel across the chute. :-)

And when it's time for the puppies to be herded back into the house, I lift the gate, and off they go!

Climb, climb, climb!


P.S. Annie is off for the evening to visit with Dudley, Taffy, Cheri and George. I'm absolutely amazed at how quiet it is at the house! The other puppies are probably trying to catch up on sleep, since Annie instigates lots of wrestling and chasing around here! And I did give Annie explicit instructions that she's to send me an email and let me know what kind of fun she finds at Dudley's house!


coopercreek said...

Is that snow on the ramp? Looks like lard. I guess either one would be slippery. haha! You are so clever!!

Garrett808 said...

ok Annie made me completely LMAO when she came flying out like a torpedo! LOL

too cute. You are soooooooooooo smart! I have only two now, so can carry them out.

although we have MORE snow, so the step is nearly missing and its nearly level with the packed snow. So they have much easier time of getting in and out now.

i taped ears today with masking tape, and then reinforced them with white duct tape! fingers crossed..

Taryn said...

Really cute videos!

StubbyDog said...

I remember being relieved when even ONE puppy went home, because that meant one less trip to carry! 9 meant 5 trips, 8 was only 4! Ugh.

Won't be long before Biscuit a.k.a. the Walking Ottoman won't be able to fit into the cardi cattle chute. ROFL!

Chris Beam said...

Corgi cattle chute! LOL

stjocorgi said...

Wonderfully inventive solution and the puppies quite obviously enjoy it. These are going to be incredibly adaptable dogs with such a variety of experiences as babies! Congratulations.

Angela said...

Hey Sarah!

You are having just way too much fun with those babies! They are just so darn cute! I would bring one home with me but I live too far away.


Sarah said...

HAAA. LARD!!! See previous post titled "More. Snow."

Yes, Annie's trip down the ramp is my favorite, and Biscuit coming back up the ramp is a close second! Sorry you have more snow. bleck, I'm tired of it.

Thanks, I had fun watching the puppies, so thought it might be a cute video to share. :-)

Walking Ottoman? Walking Ottoman? Poor Biskie, he already has a complex because I call him a shoebox with legs! haaa.

I know, but it just reminded me of a cattle chute! lol

I sure hope they are adaptable. If it's any indication, Cheri reports that Annie has made herself at home, and they even walked down to the end of the block and back, and Annie has never been on a leash before! So hopefully the rest will follow right along in the adaptability department! :-)

Yep, I can't help but have fun. There were several weeks where there was no fun, so I'm trying to enjoy them as much as I can now. :-)

colorandtexture said...

Sarah, you're SO clever!!!! I have such a big smile on my face from watching these clips over and over!!

Jules said...

That is very clever! I loved watching them slide down. Very cool.