Friday, April 16, 2010

Storm the Castle, uh, A-frame

Darby and the puppies like to play Storm the Castle. Usually it's in the living room, with Darby guarding the "castle" aka the sofa, and the puppies try to jump up on the sofa while Darby plays goalkeeper.

Today, this game moved outside, when the fearless puppies decided to try out the A-frame. The first of several videos. Notice Darby's eyes when she discovers she can't block Biscuit and Olive at the same time!


penni said...

Darby is a very genial warden, but her charges seem to try her patience.

Courtney Keys said...

Ok, now I feel safe in telling you that Franny decided to climb the A-frame too, when I had her at the agility field. :) It wasn't full height! But it still surprised me! She ran up and over and stopped on the down side and I RAN over there and picked her up. Nut!! :)

Taryn said...

Looks like they were getting good practice toward their running A-frame contacts :-)

Sarah said...

Penni-Yes, Darby has her paws full trying to cram compliance with Her Royal Rules down into the puppies' brains! Her expression when she realized she could not control Biscuit and Olive at the same time makes me laugh every time I watch it!

Courtney- Totally understand, it was so funny, and the first time the pups decided they needed to play on the Aframe. Now it's super low, and Breezy is quite miffed that her "lookout" spot from the back yard is now about 2 feet off the ground. She says it's hardly worth even standing up there! Franny comes by it naturally, since her mother would live up at the top of the aframe if I let her.

Taryn- I won't tell you how Biscuit practiced his, um, "rolling" contact the other day, on the lowered frame. He was trying to see what the girls were doing (they were behind him) and he ended up rolling sideways down the last 18 inches of the contact zone. No injury, and the frame isn't even as steep as their puppy pen ramp anymore, but it sure was funny. Of course, Biscuit got up and shook it off, like "I meant to do that" or something similar!