Thursday, April 8, 2010

Playtime with The Biscuit

A few words from The Biscuit Man.

People ask how I can stand to live with these two bossy girls. Well, see, I just give 'em "The Eye" as I walk by. They ignore me and pounce on me anyway, but I keep trying. I think I hear Avery laughing at me. Mom, Avery's laughing at me!

That's right, girls. Run and hide from The Biscuit. Or take your toys under the chair and hide them from me cuz I can't fit under there anymore.
OK, so I can sorta still fit under the chair, but not very good, and I needed help from momma to get myself out from under here.

I try to mind my own business, and chew on my bone.

But I can't help trying to join in wiff Darby and Uncle Gizzer. I really like that Darby girl. Even if she does look like a coyote.

Mom, Avery's stepping on me, I was here first...

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Claudia said...

Biscuit is absolutely adorable!