Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Puppy Pool Party

It's time for the puppy pools! I only had one "real" pool, and of course that belongs to Syd in the Big Yard, so I took the plastic storage bin that I used for the puppy litter box and turned it into a puppy pool until I can get a new pool for the puppy yard.
Avery quickly took a turn, and she's lucky she hopped in, because I'm sure it's NO surprise to anyone who ended up being the pool-hog of the weekend!

Look at that impressive trick. Biscuit can shake, shake, shake half his body, while the other half remains motionless!

Happy puppies!

Dig and splash.

Uh, Biscuit, you have a little something dripping, more like streaming, from your chin...

Bite and splash.

Cool dude.

Avery says, "Gosh, Biscuit, that water sure looks like fun. I wish I could get back in there."

Biscuit must have inherited the "pool is mine" gene from his mother, as seen here. Every time Avery or Olive hopped in the pool, Biscuit found an important reason he had to be back in the pool. And his size and bulk really helped him, he just pushed his way in, and promptly lay down, taking up the entire pool.

"What? It's my pool, right?"


Sharrie said...

I am just totally smitten with Biscuit. I have found that my second Cardi likes the pool. Maybe he will convince Zippy that water is fun.

Taryn said...

That Biscuit sure is a character! My Cardis are huge water dogs, too! Not much makes them happier than romping in water.

penni said...

Biscuit is darling -- and so very bad. What a fun dog.

stjocorgi said...

So, do you think getting a bigger pool would provide some water time for Avery and Olive? Or do you need "Girls Only" and "Boys Only" pools?

Sarah said...

I think a second and third pool are in order. However, I do think that Biscuit will figure out a way to control all the pools. :-)

Melisse said...

Mr. Coco loves the little pools too, and likes swimming in deeper water if he has his life jacket on. Biscuit is an attention hog, is what he is. What a cutie.

shari bee said...

You know, Sarah, you are ruining me for all other puppies... Biscuit is THE MAN!

Sarah said...

Oh Shari Bee, then perhaps you should steer clear of the next post. We are just waiting on the Biscuit video to upload, and you can't say I didn't warn you.