Thursday, April 8, 2010

The blur that is Avery

I posted early on that it was a shame nobody could see how pretty Avery was, because she couldn't stop wagging and wiggling for stacked photos. Well, the same holds true for candid shots. The new ELPH camera isn't impressing me much, unless the puppies are sleeping. So every time I try to get a photo of the puppies being cute, or at least looking directly at me, ears up, being attentive, it never works out.

Avery, moreso than the others, always seems to look away, or take a step, or somehow ruin a good photo opportunity. I can usually catch Biscuit and Olive at least for a few cute shots, but Avery, never...

Come on, Olive, get your tushy outta my photo shoot.

I think my bone slipped through the hole and fell under here.

Nobody will ever think to look for me under the chair.

I like playing with Uncle Gizmo and Darby.

Wuv Uncle Gizmo.

I can't look directly at the camera, I'm too shy...

OK, I'll try to look at you, but it's really important that I continue to chew on the handle of the broom I knocked over.

You can't see me. I'm a good hider.

Num, num, I like taste testing the dog bed.

Photos of the other hooligans to follow...

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