Thursday, April 8, 2010

Olive Time

Olive is a one of those girls who LOVES to play. She's always up for any adventure, and she does everything at 110%.
The Ambush. Why is it that the girls think it's SO funny to hide and jump out at the boys. I'm not sure, but Olive thinks it's very cool!
The Chomp. This is the move the precedes The Takedown in Corgi Sister Wrestling Federation.

Playing makes a girl hungry. Olive stops for a snack, but is sorely disappointed to find that this is Darby's empty dinner bowl. Oh well, a girl's gotta try!

The puppies are all teething, especially the girls. Chew, Olive, chew!

Aahhh, this bone really helps with the sore toothies.

Whew. Olive is finally tired out!
And so ends the stories of three puppies at play. P.S. As I reviewed all these photos, I was actuely aware of how long the puppy talons were. So yesterday, all the pups and Uncle Gizzer had to tolerate the Dremel. ahh, pretty corgi toes, gotta love it!

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