Monday, November 29, 2010

New Champion in Real Life

Avery's New Champion show photo arrived in the mail today. It was quite an event getting this photo, as everyone was cheering wildly for Grandpa Harry in the group right next door. Avery was much more interested in the goings-on over there than in standing pretty for her picture. So, at least she's got all four feet on the ground-even if they aren't exactly where they should be, she's standing up, and she's looking alert (although I think she's pouting too).
But it was kind of funny to get the "pretty show dog" photo today, since just last night, I caught this photo (horrible quality, but it was dark, and I only had the phone for a camera), showing the Avery that I know and love. The Real Avery, right here, ladies and gentlemen! How that can be a comfortable way to sleep is beyond me, but it seemed to work for her!

And there you have it!

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