Monday, November 29, 2010

A Birthday Visit with Brecon

We had a nice visit with Brecon for his first birthday. Friday night, a few days late, but still lots of fun! I showed up with a cardboard box filled with birthday goodies, and we let Brecon open his own gifts. Here's a short video of Brecon making quick work of the cardboard box!

Then a fun surprise for Brecon! Miss Avery came to play! Wahoo, those two were like a whirlwind around the dining room table, around the back yard, through the leaves, and back again. Brecon was the perfect loyal subject, bowing to The Princess quite appropriately. Avery has all the boys trained *very* well. :-)

Slurp, slurp! Brecon got plenty of cookies during the visit.

And then the best part of the whole visit.... Momma Syd! A very happy reunion. If anyone said that dogs don't remember their puppies, I'd say they are dead wrong. From the second Syd walked into Brecon's house, she was instantly in full play mode with her baby boy. She and Brecon used to play and play and play when Brecon was a puppy. Apparently, they still share the same love for romping.

It's uncanny how much Brecon looks like Syd. Complete with giant tongue and goofy smile, he's definitely his momma's son!

We did have a heart-stopping moment, Syd and Brecon were running in the back yard, and they disappeared around the side of the house. It was dark, and what we didn't know was that somehow, Elaine's gate was open on that side of the house. ACK! I got to the side of the house just in time to see two white tail flags trotting down the sidewalk. Well, at least they stayed on the sidewalk! Unfortunately, they were heading directly toward a pretty busy street in a college town. I got to the sidewalk, hollered in a happy voice something like, "Come on, do you want a cookie, let's get in the car good dogs yay for you let's go syd brecon BRECON good boy whheeee let's get in the house" and then I ran for the front door. I mean, of course I only gave very clear, level-headed instructions to the dogs (vbg). Thing 1 and her loyal sidekick Thing 2 turned tail and came running right for me, probably because they thought I was crazy and they were going to miss the big show, and they were both jumping at the front door to be let inside before I could turn the knob. W.H.E.W.!!! What good dogs. :)

Thanks for letting us come play, Elaine and Brecon. Elaine said that Brecon whined for a while after we left. I'm sure he wanted his momma to come back and play some more. Because the dogs had such a great time together, we're going to plan to get them together more often.

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