Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Brecon and Biscuit!

Can it already be their first birthday? Surely not! I remember it like it was yesterday, the early arrival of the two best puppies in the world.

Happy First Birthday, Brecon and Biscuit!
I remember how naked the puppies were, no hair on their feet or bellies. They looked more alien than canine, and they spent most of their first couple of days in the warming box. I put them with momma Syd every two hours, because she was still groggy from the unexpected c-section.

I wasn't sure what kind of mom Syd was going to be. She accepted the puppies right away, even though she wasn't quite sure about their newborn squeaks right at first. Within a couple of days, Syd was in full swing of motherhood, and she did a great job, even when Brecon was sick.

When I was reviewing photos, I laughed out loud as I came across this one. Knowing Biscuit now, I should not have been surprised to find him like this as a newborn! Reading back through old blog posts, I found one (at one week old) where I described Biscuit as being the one wearing the lampshade at a party. Wow, who knew I had predicted so accurately!

The boys grew quickly, and everything seemed to be going so well. Healthy, happy puppies and mom were my only request.

I've never seen faces sweeter than these two boys.

Then the eyes opened! Hiya, Biski!

And then the bottom fell out of the world. Baby Brecon was sick, and the vets were not optimistic. Xrays showed a large mass, could have been an enlarged heart, fluid, or other problem. Twice daily trips to the vet for supportive therapy, tube feeding, and no sleep for me for a couple of weeks. Brecon was a trooper, and he fought the good fight. Dr. Becker calls him the miracle puppy to this day. :-)

Biscuit has always been a good sleeper, Brecon's illness did not set back The Biscuit.

Soon the boys were experimenting with "real" food. Guess who was first to the bowl?

Digging in!

Biscuit got fuzzier and fuzzier, almost as fast as he got cuter!

The boys learned to love the snow, and they played outside lots with their cousins (Kitty in the front).

Before I knew it, it was time for Brecon to leave. He and his mom had a great relationship, and Brecon is a mini-me, and he reminds me so much of Momma Syd.

Thankfully, Brecon did not move far away. He lives with his Mom Elaine, and this fall, he came to stay with us for several weeks. I'll get to see him this weekend to wish him a Happy Birthday in person. I understsand Elaine is taking him to the Three Dog Bakery for his barkday!
Brecon is healthy, happy, and you would never know how sick he was as a baby. He continues to be sweet, inquisitive, and "bouncy" as Elaine describes him.
Biscuit is still living with me. And he's still a great sleeper! :-) He has a way of stealing your heart... ...even when he's finding his way into trouble!
Biscuit would still love to have his very own family, and be the Center of the Universe for a special person or person(s). But for now, he's my special boy, a puppy who is so happy every morning, bouncing out of his crate, running to greet every other dog with his back side wagging furiously. He lives every moment to the fullest, and with great gusto!
For those not on Facebook, Biscuit is featured in many photos from our Fall Photo Shoot, starring momma Syd, cousin Avery, and The Biscuit. Handsome boy, Biscuit is quite photogenic, and a camera ham to boot! Here's a link to the album:
Happy First Birthday, Brecon and Biscuit. And thank you, Syd and Mick, for two very special boys!

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Ashley said...

I absolutely just LOVE your posts about your babies here. They are so wonderful, aren't they? I bet our blue female cardi would really enjoy little Biscuit! =)