Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FREE The Biscuit! FREE The Biscuit!

For those not on Facebook, you might have missed the horrifying news and the saga over the last 10 days or so about Avery and Biscuit. We had the dreaded parvovirus rear its ugly head. Avery became ill last Monday, and Biscuit was sick by Thursday. It's been an exhausting time, with twice daily visits to the vet clinic to see the pups and get an update on their condition, cleaning the house, bathing the other dogs, and worrying about the health of the other dogs.

I always worry about parvo in young puppies, and I'm probably overly paranoid about it. But Avery and Biscuit are fully vaccinated, they've both been out and about in the world, and we've all been homebodies for the couple of weeks before Avery became ill. It's likely that a day trip to the vet for a shoulder injury was the potential exposure for Avery, and then Biscuit was exposed to Avery. It never occurred to me that my older puppies would be at-risk and contract parvo. But now I know, it can and does happen, and I've heard from many people who have been through the same thing with their older puppies.

So to lighten things up, once Biscuit came home (Monday, a much thinner version of his former self), he began a Free The Biscuit campaign, because he believes he's being unfairly incarcerated. With the other dogs and Olive and Brecon (formerly Mr. Brindle) visiting, I want to minimize the exposure Avery and Biscuit have with the other dogs.

Biscuit's grassroots effort really took off and has support from around the world, mostly because of a slight misunderstanding by other dogs. See, other dogs, like Spencer and Scout, thought the campaign was a FREE BISCUIT campaign. haaa.

So to prevent further confusion, Biscuit has hired Avery as his new campaign manager.

Avery showing an evil grin upon hearing the news of her powerful position of Campaign Manager.
Avery decides that her voice has not been heard, so she decides to start shouting the Free The Biscuit campaign slogan.
Just a few more days and we can consider the cycle broken as long as nobody else gets sick. I'm hopeful, and the other dogs are all doing well so far. All paws crossed that this is all behind us now.

Free The Biscuit! Free The Biscuit! Free The Biscuit!


Dawn said...

JEESH, what mean jailors! look even his food dish is empty! We will take up the chant for you!
Free the Biscuits, and give free biscuits too!

The girls at Daybreake, who are regularly teasing our jailed one

Taryn said...

I am not a Facebooker so I hadn't heard the news. How can fully vacinnated pups still come down w/ Parvo? I hope everything is back to normal asap.

Sarah said...

Taryn, I had the same question, but what I've found to be the answer is, "it can happen." I've heard from so many who have had the same experience. the only other time I had heard of it prior to this was several years ago, a friend's 5-6 month old Terv puppy got parvo after being fully vaccinated. It has been a horrible ordeal, and I'm a major worrier anyway. Every day that goes by until the weekend I am thankful that nobody else has been sick.

shari bee said...

I'm SO glad to see Mr. Biscuit looking somewhat chipper! And Avery too! Soon all of this will be a distant memory... Hang in there.

Jules said...

Oh my, that is SO scary. I am glad they seem to be on the mend!