Monday, July 26, 2010

Biscuit's Great Escape

I was in Houston this weekend, and the dogs who didn't go to Houston went to Camp Kingsbury for the 5 days I was out of town. This was Biscuit's first visit to Camp, and he found his time there very exciting. My dogs love going to Camp, because Jacque and Don's dog yard is bigger than our yard at home, and there are lots of fun things to explore out in "the country."

By Friday, I got a text from Jacque, saying that I would be receiving an email from Biscuit, a "confessional" of sorts. uh-oh. ...

So here's Biscuit's confession:

Dear Momma,

This morning I escaped from the prison these people call a kennel. I hefted my weight on the wall of chain and pushed my way into Momma Syd's run, and out into the yard with the "lifers" (sk-my other dogs who can be trusted to be left out in the yard). I could hear lots of fun and frolicking across the way, so I busted out of the prison yard and made my way over to the house. I met my cousins Lilly and Henry. I wanted them to break out, too. I told them that I knew where Auntie Michelle's car keys were, and that we could go for a joy ride. I was pretty sure that Henry could buy us some beer cuz he looks a lot older than us.

We were planning our fun when Uncle Don came out and caught us. I told him I was "doin nuthin" and wagged my tail and tried to look real cute. He picked me up and I licked him. I was wet and muddy, but it was fun. Now I am in solitary and can't break out. But I am still real happy and waggin my tail.


Oh Biscuit, what a character! I should have checked when I put the dogs in the kennel, I should have chosen a better room for Biscuit, because I knew there was one run made for good dogs who would never, ever slip under the fence!

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coopercreek said...

Wrut Wro, widdle buddy.