Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Biscuit and Syd Reunion

Biscuit would like to thank everyone for their efforts in the FREE The Biscuit campaign. It seemed to work, and his is now enjoying some freedom to run and play like a real dog.

He and momma Syd were reunited for a big wrestling match after their separation. These two totally deserve each other, they play so rough. Most of the other dogs decline any offers to wrestle with Syd and/or Biscuit.


Claudia said...

Looks like the dogs at my house. Pete and Auxie played just like that until Auxie injured his back. Now Pete doesn't have anyone to play with. We need to set up a play date.

Sarah said...

Claudia, Pete needs a Vallhund. Seriously! They can hold up to the toughest play, and their back isn't as fragile. There was a time when Hawk was the only dog who could stand to be around Syd when she was wild. Now Jazz is her buddy too, and Biscuit. But I won't let the two Cardigans play like that for long, because I worry someone could hurt their back. And doG knows I could use a break from vet bills for a bit!