Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Redeeming Qualities

Some days, Biscuit is lucky he's so cute. The trip to Perry, GA was a very quick trip, but I will admit, Biscuit was a slight pain in the arse for a good portion of the trip. I had Breezy with us, because is in season, and I never gave it a second thought that Biscuit would have any clue about these matters. Suffice it to say that Biscuit was a bit out of sorts and confused about Breezy, which led to him being a bit more needy, and a bit of a whiner. I think it would equate to taking a restless toddler on a long car trip, but I'm just guessing!

However, Biscuit did have some normal, sweet, happy Biscuit moments. He loved running in Janet's yard (pain in the arse moment when he *thought* he was going to tell Scout she couldn't have her own bone, but Scout told him swiftly where to go). He dashed around with Spencer and Scout, and he loved running up the hill and trying to figure out Janet's multi-story deck in the back. He liked going on a walk, and Friday night, Cheryl and I walked him on the fairgrounds in Perry and he got to practice "Walk Up" with a group of geese hanging out. They were just about Biscuit's speed-very slow. And on Saturday morning, Biscuit woke up happy, popping his head up on the side of the bed from his little xpen bed. It was as cute as can be, those fuzzy ears tilted and Biscuit just staring at me.

And then when we got to Georgia, he did settle a bit when he got his own side of the hotel room away from Breezy. Well, he settled when he was getting attention, and he whined when nobody was there to entertain him. sigh.

But. Oh, Biscuit, when you are good, you are so sweet and cute, how can I ever stay mad at you? I know it was tough to be in the car all that time, right next to Auntie Breezy.

Now that we are home, Biscuit and Jasper have decided they are best friends. They are physically complete opposites. But they love to wrestle, and frap. Here is a link to a cute video of the two boys playing and wrestling. I love how Biscuit lowers himself to the ground when he's thinking about trying to run fast. silly dog!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, I think fuzzy wuzzy Mandy should meet fuzzy wuzzy Biscut and they could have a cute off.